Retortion Terror / Invidiosus Split Coming Fall 2017

Retortion Terror and Invidiosus’s split is coming out this fall on CD courtesy of Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Headbangers might want to check this out as Retortion Terror’s side is excellent grindcore in the same vein as Mortalized. Invidiosus’s side suffers from deathcore songwriting making it deathcore and probably will not be listened to more than once by most metal fans who buy this split.

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13 thoughts on “Retortion Terror / Invidiosus Split Coming Fall 2017”

  1. G says:

    how has no one else commented? am i the only one looking forward to this??

    1. Invidiosus is a shitty deathcore band?

      1. Invidiosus says:

        hey dan tell us how you really feel

        1. You guys could be good but aren’t. Refine your material by focusing on developing handful of your better riffs and progressing those forward into another riff in the greater whole where each riff itself is mere phrase in an overall melody encompassing a track’s composition.

          1. invidiosus says:

            and you write with the style and professionalism of a petulant 5th grader. we both suck, but at least we’re having a good time with it. keep writing vapid articles in your mom’s basememt you virgin

  2. bustin makes me feel good says:

    that’s a hell of a picture

  3. Gorgowocoa says:

    umm invidiosus are awesome dude

  4. Rectal Administr8er says:

    My nigga on the far right side of the picture… why are his short-knees wet…?


    1. Knees on the bathroom floor while performing a nefarious act?

    2. t-bone says:

      Dats ma nugga Fenriz, he be suckin yo mumas peepee

  5. Trashchunk says:

    I enjoy the newer raw recordings, the vocals are also better, the previous album on their bandcamp is a bit generic sounding. The rawness does this style of death metal favors, I bet they’ll pretty it up and smooth it out for their next album, if any of them read this: Don’t do it!

    1. Invidiosus says:

      thanks for the feedback man! we self-recorded this one and will continue to do so in the future i think. cheers!

  6. Invidiosucks says:

    hey thanks for the unbiased review Daniel Mallrat you fuckin nerd

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