It has potential, especially after the recent Heaven and Hell album:

Heavy metal legend Black Sabbath announced they will record their first studio album in 33 years, followed by a world tour in 2012. The group, who will team up with legendary producer Rick Rubin to record the new material, made the announcement Friday at a press conference held in L.A.’s Whiskey A-Go-Go. – H-dawg Today


8 thoughts on “Sabbathon”

  1. Black Sabcock says:

    What is this that stands before me?
    Erection black which points at me
    Turn round quick and expose my bum
    Find out I’m the chosen one, oh nooo!

    Big black balls with cum of fire
    Telling Mastodon fans their desire
    Chuck’s sitting there, he’s wanking
    Watches my ass get wider and wider
    Oh no, no, please God help me!

  2. tiny midget @ Black Sabcock says:

    that was pretty cool!

  3. brunhILDE FAN #1 says:


  4. 42 says:

    ’bout goddamn time

  5. yeah says:

    bullshit. have you heard the recent ozzy stuff? he’s a feebleminded fuck and will probably lead this project down the shitter.

    prove me wrong.

  6. BornAfter1987 says:

    Why didn’t they get Dio instead?

  7. sun metal guy says:

    they´re not as good as mastodon or wiht anyways…

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