Sammath Releases “Godless” Live Track

Furious Dutch black metal band Sammath have issued forth a live recording of “Godless” featuring founder/guitarist Jan Kruitwagen on vocals. The band takes a high-intensity old school approach to this track, emphasizing the multitude of death metal and black metal influences on this band, but with technical aptitude making the song flow together in the style of later black metal.

As the great boom in black metal of the indie-rock variety has faded, fans are rediscovering more of the older style bands who pursue a feral intensity with a spirit that could have come out of ancient Europe: an atavistic Wild West of vikings, raiders, tribal chieftains, knights, warriors, and an elitist bloodlust that seeks to eliminate all that is less than excellent. Sammath picks up this spirit and carries it forward in tightly-written songs that balance melody and rhythmic savagery.

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5 thoughts on “Sammath Releases “Godless” Live Track”

  1. Daniel Maarat says:

    Most excellent!

  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Indie-rock black metal is mostly an Anglo-Saxon phenomenon. At least in the UK, it’s rather picking up steam than fading, judging from the number of concerts dedicated to it. The German bands (I’m increasingly getting to know) are rather different, both thematically and musically.

    [a link should go here but I’m currently not motivated for another “It’s all latter day US hardcore to me!”]

    1. Anti-Anglo Alliance says:

      UK didn`t really develop out of heavy metal and hardcore, showing their obvious mentally stunted state.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        There are quite a few good death metal bands here (some DMU household hate names like Grave Miasma being among them) but black metal is mostly bleak — too much beauty of nature and purity through Korrekt(!) ideology (OTOH, I know little)[*]. Heavy metal also seems to be a huge and not always beneficial influence — I’ve never been through a ‘phase’ were I liked Iron Maiden although I’ve disliked them for different reasons at different times (meaning: this doesn’t naturally appeal to everyone for some inherent reason. AFAICT, Maiden recorded one good track – the compilation version of Sanctuary – and even that is very demanding wrt ‘a sympathetic attitude’ :->).

        [*] Nice quote (very highbrow but probably partially hampered by expressing oneself in an unfamilar language):

        Black metal is a unique European cultural archetypical phenomenon. This is not just “another subspecies of extreme metal”.

        [Myrd’raal/ Bergrizen]

        And this includes a lot of things the usual suspects love to hate (or rather love to claim to hate).

        1. Svmmoned says:

          Good quote. I remember reading something similar from Hendrik Moebus many years ago.

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