Isvind, Sammath, and Standvast Playing Diabolical Echoes PT2

Sammath and Standvast have been booked to play the Diabolical Echoes PT 2 mini-festival with Norwegian black metal band Isvind in Groesbeek in the Netherlands on February 24th, 2018. Sammath is one of Death Metal Underground’s most highly praised modern bands while Standvast is an Ildjarn-like project from Nortfalke from Tarnkappe, Kjeld, and Kaeck. Sammath has long been a mainstay of our staff’s list of the The Best Underground Metal of the year so live shows from them should be a furious storm of riffs and whiplash.

Hopefully Sammath won’t just play material off the exemplary Godless Arrogance but past highlights too. Sammath’s career has seen the band maintain their unique Samoth (Emperor, Zyklon-B) and Summoning influenced black metal guitar work across a variety of metal styles. I’m not sure if the current lineup of the band has a keyboard player but hearing a compositions from Strijd before ripping heads off would be a great way to subvert expectations and give a black metal introduction to the mass execution that will follow.

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11 thoughts on “Isvind, Sammath, and Standvast Playing Diabolical Echoes PT2”

  1. piss piss says:

    Awful band picture. I’m sure their music is shitty too. Black metal RIP 1994.

    1. Diabolical Fullmoon AIDS Injection says:

      It’s a pretty gay picture, they all look like some kind of faggot fairies.

      1. Phil says:

        Yeah. Those monochrome photos gave the viewer the sense of a feral, candid and otherworldly power.

        These posers are mixing lingerie catalogue attitudes with black metal styling.

        1. Diabolical Fullmoon AIDS Injection says:

          I’d much rather look at a lingerie catalogue than at these fools.

    2. Varg Overreacts to Big Cat-cock says:

      Look at that tiny nigga on the far left. I mean, nothing wrong with being a tiny nigga, but what’s the “X” pose about? Straightedge? It looks like he’s snuggling up. Yet his countenance is too severe. Also, he missed the group-text about wearing ALL black to the photo sesh. His boots look like them puffy, platform techno-goth boots a la Hot Topic circa ’02.

      1. Hdjsjsjsamakpflddbsvafakapsjgdkallaajhdhdhssksksbsbsvshsjsj says:

        The little guy on the left is weev

      2. Goat Egg says:

        He’s THAT dude that’s in your band that you don’t want in the band. Cunt.

  2. genius retard says:

    Fuck sammath

  3. Rainer Weikusat says:

    One could call this “atmospheric black except that it isn’t”. Quite journey for only 6 minutes.

  4. Cornrose says:

    These here Dutch seem to all use the same electronic drum set. I know it’s easy to go that route but damn ya gotta sacrifice for tone. This apparently doesn’t bother some folk but it irks my bones.

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