Setting the Atmosphere (intros)

Most metal bands apply intro tracks to greet and set the mood before their music takes form. Metallica used ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’, which readied their audiences and became somewhat their trademark (which suits their country-metal).

Death metal on the other hand went a bit further. From Deicide’s goats in anguish, to Carcass’ surgical salute, to Morbid Angel summoning the Ancient Ones; it’s become standard to employ sounds outside of what bands typically use in their songs. What are your favorite intros?

11 thoughts on “Setting the Atmosphere (intros)”

  1. J_Lockhart says:

    The French Anthem at the beginning of “Apocalyptic Warriors” by Massacra or the sample from “Night on Bald Mountain” used at the beggining of the Marduk cut “Glorification of the Black God.”

  2. John S. says:

    In my opinion nothing beats the intro to Slayer’s “Hell Awaits” on their live album Decade of Aggression.

    An infernal tension building to a climax, a short silence, a woman in the audience screams and then BOOM! the song kicks in and the rest of the congregation shouts out loud.


  3. PARASITE says:

    The intro to the revelation of doom – Bathory.
    Intro track Blood Pulsation to Dysangelium – BLOOD

  4. bob says:

    The intro on the Massacra track isn’t the French anthem, its the Soldier’s Chorus from Gounod’s Faust (which is anthemic… and is in French… but is not The French Anthem, if that’s what you meant).

  5. Nord says:

    The opening of “A Blaze in the Northern sky” by Darkthrone.
    Or ”For all tid” by Dimmu Borgir.

  6. Bill says:

    Blaze in the northern sky
    In the nightside eclipse
    Soricer Des glaces’ first two albums
    Celtic winter!

  7. Ksatria says:

    +1 celtic winter. could be the best ever.

  8. kcufthulu says:

    Possessed – The Exorcist

  9. Nord says:

    What about Hvis lyset tar oss? the intro is completely fused with the opening song material and is like a reverse mirror of the album conclusion.

  10. Pentheus says:

    Enslaved had some really good intros in the 90s. The intro to Frost and Blodhemn especially. Kind of a shame they never did an ambient side project back in the day.

  11. Upon the Inverted Hills of Life says:

    Sadistic Intent – Ancient Black Earth

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