Smite Hipsters with Decapitated Sheep Heads

True Metal has cut the surfeit fat, declared posers and wimps irrelevant, defied commercial principles and kept a small steadfast fan base. However, it all appears to be rather divergent. In order for True Metal to thrive, quality must be spread like a plague.

This new Disma track, “The Manifestation”, has been made available to listen to.

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3 thoughts on “Smite Hipsters with Decapitated Sheep Heads”

  1. dickie says:

    hipsters, I want you souls to get lost in the burial fog produced by your own fucking cremation

    1. Hipsters serve no function except to help feast on society’s rotting corpse, and anyone can do that. I was doing it before it was cool.

  2. inhuman says:

    Rip off Miasma some more

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