Spawn of Possession Breaks Up

Unique Leader Records style tekdeaf band Spawn of Possession broke up Friday according to their mosh core trends fun book page.

Last week we decided to put SoP to rest due to several problems, mostly because we now realise we dont have the time to either finish a beast like a new album properly or do anything else with SoP for a long time. So the band has pretty much just faded away at this point. Anyway! We are very thankful for all the support we had through the years!


Thankfully Spawn of Possession’s 2012 album will be their last. Hessians will not miss them as they played deathcore like how¬†Necrophagist raped Deicide and Shrapnel Records shred wank aesthetics into post-hardcore idiocy. May Spawn of Possession suffer damnatio memoriae.

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6 thoughts on “Spawn of Possession Breaks Up”

  1. death spiral says:

    What is it with people wearing “New York” hats when they’re not from there? This band is lame.

    1. NY gaypresents says:

      Its a trend, you dunce

    2. Pwned of Possession says:

      It’s kinda like wearing “Gorguts” shirts when they’re not in Gorguts.

    3. GGALLIN1776 says:

      They may or may not like the gayball team.

  2. you're gay says:

    “we’re kind of not a band anymore anyway whatever meh”

  3. Yuzerneigm says:

    This here group ‘a yungins shawz duz looks “special”

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