Summoning at work on new material


Flowing black metal band Summoning have issued the following update:

After having turned our attention on different things during the first half of this year, we are back to concentrate on summoning again. There are already some new riff composed and rearrangements have been done of songs from the O.M.D session. Protector also started to recreate our homepage, with a total new design and updated content.

So the hammers are pounding loudly again in carven deep and far on the horizons the first ray of light are bearing witness of the return of the old ways …

This announcement cheers many who have come to appreciate the Summoning brand of black metal: longer melodies more tightly integrated with keyboard counterparts, slower pace with more atmosphere, and a medieval/Tolkien-esque escape from the nominalist insanity of modernity.

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5 thoughts on “Summoning at work on new material”

  1. lilim says:

    Hell I’d have been happy with another DVKE or Ice Ages album, but this is great news!

  2. Lockhart says:

    Cannot wait. Summoning never disappoints.

  3. trystero says:

    Never not been impressed by Summoning, at their worst they are better than most music. The last album proved what kind of songwriting chops they have, now its time to get back into metal guys.

  4. Lord Mosher says:

    Speaking of black metal, tell me this band of 1986 called Desolation Angels is not similar to early Burzum ?? The similarities are incredible! Desolation Angels is an underground heavy metal / doomy band:

  5. veien says:


    The best metal band today hardly even plays metal. Metal is dead but the spirit never dies, long live metal you fuckin pussies!

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