Summoning to release new EP, re-issue vinyl versions of older classic albums

Members of ambient black metal band Summoning have braved the hellscape that is Facebook in order to carry news of further releases.

summoning-old_mornings_dawnEarlier this year saw Summoning release their first album in seven years, Old Mornings Dawn. Our review saw it as “a creative journey into the recesses of the mind and embraces the sentimental alongside the epic, using its ambient structuring to immerse the listener in a world far beyond anything they have experienced.”

Fortunately for us, the band possesses six more tracks from the album session. They will began the process of finalizing their production and expect to release these tracks next year as an EP. Until then, the band will hold its fans over by releasing an “earbook” edition of Old Mornings Dawn, which includes two acoustic bonus tracks; and vinyl reissues of Nightshade Forests, Oath Bound, and Lost Tales.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news; as the band has stated that this is a prelude to a period of dormancy:

“In the end of next year, when everything is said and done, and all works are finished and released, the forges will get cold again,and we will rest at last. Then Summoning will fall asleep again for a longer time, until a new dawn is rising…”

We hope that this interval will not be as long as the gap between Oath Bound and Old Mornings Dawn, but we recognize that art often needs time to germinate and we eagerly await new material, whenever it may arrive.

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4 thoughts on “Summoning to release new EP, re-issue vinyl versions of older classic albums”

  1. John S. says:

    Awesome news. And this is the kind of music that seems to benefit from long hiatuses, it has to mature.

  2. Jim Nelson says:

    Summoning are the masters. Last weekend I put Minas Morgul, Dol Guldur, Nightshade Forest, Lost Tales, Oath Bound and Old Morning’s Dawn on shuffle for probably 10 hours and eventually I started hallucinating and thought I was in Middle Earth. No drugs required!

  3. Anthony says:

    God damn it Summoning, quit jerking us off with all of the bonus track EP bullshit

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