Supuration to unleash Cube 3 on February 25

supuration-cube_3Long-time progressive rock, alternative rock, death metal and Voivod crossover band Supuration (sometimes called S.U.P.) are releasing yet another album of their eccentric yet interesting music.

Cube 3 will hit the CD stores on February 25, 2013, or you can pre-order it here on Listenable Records. Expect more unusual but logical death metal.

Supuration‘s material ranges from early death-grind, recently released on a demos compilation Ultimate Sessions 1992-1993, to this kind of rock-metal fusion that keeps the metal at the forefront and while it is experimental, never forgets to actually write a song.

Unlike most of the rock-metal hybrids now, it is not so much jazz-based as rooted in the oddball progressive and folk rock of the 1970s and the alternative rock of the late 1980s, giving it a richness against which it can play its rougher metal elements.

Following up on Supuration‘s greatest success, 1993’s The Cube, this album promises to restore this band to the spotlight at a time when most “progressive metal” bands can noodle all day long but never write a coherent song.

Here’s the released teaser track, “Consummate,” from the forthcoming Cube 3:

3 thoughts on “Supuration to unleash Cube 3 on February 25”

  1. John S. says:

    Was very excited after the first few seconds of the teaser track (it really sounds like “The Cube”!), but listening through it, it seems to be only that: an album that sounds like their classic, but has little of its spirit.

    John is disappointed.

    1. They’re trying too hard to sound like the past. That doesn’t mean the rest of the album will be bad.

  2. SOHL says:

    Never really found this band to be noteworthy.

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