T.G. Warrior featured in art exhibit

Tom G. Warrior is exhibiting his custom-painted death masks at this gallery in NYC:

Last Rites Gallery opens it’s fourth annual The 13th Hour group exhibit, celebrating the spirit of the Halloween season.

In it’s (sic) annual exhibit, Last Rites sets out to present a broad-spectrum representation of Dark Surrealism. Held during Halloween weekend, the show is the gallery’s largest group exhibit, and features renowned artists from around the globe- working in an array of mediums including painting, photography, and sculpture. From gothic elegance to finely crafted grotesquery, the beauty within the darkness is embraced and brought into the spotlight.

Artists Include: Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Matthew Bone, Paul Booth, Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Jason D’aquino, Pedro De Kastro, Tom Gabriel Fischer, HR Giger, Fred Harper, Naoto Hattori, Michael Hussar, Joka, Sarah Joncas, Aunia Kahn, Eli Livingston, Michael Mararian, Chris Mars, Annie Owens, Chris Peters, Anthony Pontius, Dan Quintana, Matt Rota, Paul Rumsey, Beau Stanton, David Stoupakis, Jasmine Worth, and more.

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