Tau Cross Complete A Pillar of Fire

Today Relapse Records announced that heavy metal/post-punk band Tau Cross, whose self-titled debut was one of the Best Albums of 2015, have completed their second album, A Pillar of Fire, for release later this year in the summer.

Vocalist Rob Miller (Amebix) said:

This approach can be challenging given the location of the band members, but it is a necessity that we have tried to turn into a strength. Video conferencing and messenger services have been helpful in guiding the process to completion.

The album was mixed at Smiddy studios on the isle of Skye by James Adams who has also taken on duties as our keyboard player. We have had contributions from Themis for some of the ambient sounds on the album, a Hurdy Gurdy from Tanner Anderson and even bagpipes from 16-year-old Scottish virtuoso Brighde Chaimbeul, so there are some interesting textures, with an emphasis on the lyrical content. As usual, we have constructed a few intriguing landscapes for the listener to engage with.

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7 thoughts on “Tau Cross Complete A Pillar of Fire”

  1. Hey, it’s that man from Voivoid

  2. Kingdom_Gone says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard all year. The debut album was marvelous and one of the few highpoints in metal for the last 3-4 years.

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    Look at that smug little girl off to the right.

    1. He’s in Voivoid and I’m quite certain that he’s a man

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  4. Horde of magnificent sonority. I met Tau Cross a short time ago, but it is already, without doubt one of the bands that I like. Thank you for porting.

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