The Black Moriah launches “Trail of Texas Terror” tour


Following the Housecore Horror Film Festival, speed metal/math metal band The Black Moriah will embark on a short tour of Texas to showcase its most recent album, Casket Prospects. Formed by a former Absu member and experienced metal musicians, The Black Moriah attempts to bridge classic and modern metal.

Casket Prospects shows the band integrating the indie-metal styles in black and death metal with classic metal hooks. Droning dissonant riffs compete for space with speed metal riffs, heavy metal choruses, and complex conjurations of song structure underneath the modern metal “surge style” vocals.

While the alternative metal stylings may not appeal to the average Absu fan, the technicality and frenetic intensity of this release may satisfy in its stead. The “Trail of Texas Terror” tour shows the band reaching out to a new fanbase more on the alternative/indie side while attempting to keep its core fanbase in more traditional metal.

The Black Moriah – Trail of Texas Terror tour 2013

October 17 Dallas, TX The Wits End
October 18 San Angelo, TX Penny Pub
October 19 Amarillo, TX The Wreck Room
October 20 El Paso, TX Alumni Bar
October 24 Austin, TX The Dirty Dog
Housecore Horror Film Festival

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4 thoughts on “The Black Moriah launches “Trail of Texas Terror” tour”

  1. devolved says:

    That first riff is really interesting, but after that it goes into Opeth/Mastodon style nonsense.

    1. The Mad Arab says:

      TBM is more blackened thrash mixed with old school influences. Mastadon and Opeth are far off if you are trying to draw band influences, and compare styles. Aura Noir, Venom, Kreator, Bathory, some have said Skeleton Witch and of course there will be some Absu influence since Zawicizuz was a former member on Absu.

  2. JP says:

    * SEVERANCE has confirmed participation for a Toys for Tots Event/ Serge’s B-day Show at Smiley’s in Harlingen on December 14, 2013 as well as for the A Day in the Valley of Death Fest III on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at Metropolis (Klub X) in McAllen. Flyers will be posted as soon as they are constructed.

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