Death metal band Thevetat seeks the following musicians, vocalist, drummer, bassist. Songs are written and material is ready to go. Influences include Obituary, Autopsy, Immolation, Crematory, Demigod, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, etc…Samples will be provided upon request. Looking for serious minded people with drive. Write for more details. – Thomas Pioli


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  1. you know my fuckin name says:

    So Magma’s bassist thought it’d be cool to join forces with leading Zeuhl musicians (including Vander)to create a modern Zeuhl epic that uses Arabic choral arrangements with heavy metal and speed metal rhythmic riffs.

    Not sure yet if it’s anything else than kitsch art but… it sounds like early Magma + Godflesh + later Samael + Rammstein plodding theatrically for 50 minutes:

    Jannick Top – Infernal Machina – 2008


  2. you're gay, faggot says:

    i dont remember if youre brutal gayer or dominated fagbutt, but that shit sucked. lots of parts, no unifying theme.


    Thevewhat? This band’s so gay the name has a lisp in it.