June 8, 2011 –


Progressive death metal band that offers a mixed bag of doom, avantgarde, death and grind.


  • Brutal slayer of christians

    Excellent intellectual music. These guys live up to the high standards of the genre.

  • I wonder what's on tv tonight

    These blogposts are just getting worse and worse, as are the trolls.

  • posting this while taking a shit

    lol you faggots are just NOW discovering Timeghoul? I knew about this shit like 6-7 years ago.

    also lmfao @ death metal being “intellectual music”

    yea, intellectual music made by a bunch of mulleted carwash attendants

  • the shit I just took is better than this band and blogpost

    “brett stevens” really needs to get a fucking life, lolo making blogposts in the middle of the summer

    so what’s it like being a virgin in your late 30s, brett?

  • Metal Nigger

    Metal is not a high art form, or a great intellectual and cultural movement. It’s atonal racket made by bored suburban, over-privileged teenagers. Whereas as rap or punk rebelled against the government or ‘the man’, metal rebels against Christianity because like, ‘God is nazi, he doesn’t let us have any fun, _maaan_!’ Get over it, listen to Classical music and read something other than Nietzsche or Foucault, proletards.

  • Metal Whitey

    @ Metal Nigger

    go stick a banana in your cunt you black monkey, and go suck on your mother’s dick!

  • lol

    A name like “Brutal slayer of christians” really gives you away as a stupid adolescent.

  • Sigmaringen

    Grunting like a pig over some cacophonous, choppy noise is the opposite of intellectual. It might lead some death metal fans to act like pseudo-intellectuals when they try to pretend that the quirks of their obscure music somehow make it above average, when in fact it’s a boring, obnoxious musical failure. Rather comically, it’s almostn application of the Dunning-Kruger effect to music appreciation. Repeat: calling death metal intellectual music is like calling anime tentacle porn (or something equally stupid and repulsive to normal people) intellectual film. If you want to show off your intellect, or really find out if it’s even worth showing off, try solving logic puzzles, math problems or cryptic crosswords. Or better yet, find a place in the world that utilizes that intellect. The only people concerned with being “intellectual” in everything to do with appearances rather than what they can actually do (e.g. “I _only_ listen to intellectual dance music, read intellectual novels, wear intellectual graphic tees and walk on the intellectual side of the street on the way to work at Starbucks”) are non-intellectuals.

  • realy want to know

    “Grunting like a pig over some cacophonous, choppy noise”

    So what about Boulez, some of Zappa’s (Civilisation phase 3) and a lot of other contemporary intellectual composers ? Isnt’t it saying something deep ?

  • penis

    So tell me why a carwash attendant can’t be intellectual. I’ve never met a smarter man than my blue collar father, and his Kant collection could crush a baby

  • fgjk

    “If you want to show off your intellect, or really find out if it’s even worth showing off, try solving logic puzzles, math problems or cryptic crosswords.”

    lol. ok, let’s do these things. wanna trade yu gi oh! cards too, Sigmaringen?

  • Sigmaringen

    How many Kontinuals do you need to change a lighbulb in a house?
    1000, one to hold the bulb and 999 to turn the house.

    What’s the similarity between a nest of ants and Kontinual?
    That as soon as you stick something in their hole, they go crazy!

    How to create an Anus pseudo-intellectual?
    You combine shit and mud in a heap and add urine, but be careful because if you add too much shit you’ll get a Kontinual!
    Stay tuned for more Kontinual jokes.

  • Ziggy

    “I’ve never met a smarter man than my blue collar father”

    You don’t get out much, do you?

    “and his Kant collection could crush a baby”

    And yet it hasn’t made a meaningful contribution to the world. I guess that’s why he’s working a blue collar job: must have been a philosophy major. lol

    “wanna trade yu gi oh! cards too, Sigmaringen?”

    No, I’d rather trade MP3s of high school metal bands from 20 years ago and feel better about myself for their obscurity.

  • just reminding you again why you're a loser

    Why don’t you have a girlfriend?

    Oh, shit. Wait. I know. It’s because you’re a wreck, both mentally and physically, and emotionally stunted. You think you’re smarter and more intelligent than everyone around you, and therefore rationalize your own lack of success as a laughably absurd conspiracy theory wherein the world has passed you over because you’re somehow too edgy for the mainstream masses to understand.

    Or maybe you just tell yourself and others that you “don’t give a shit” in a desperate attempt to make it hurt less when you see yourself getting older, fatter, and more out of touch while those you look down on are adapting to suit the needs of the world, and learning their limitations while you childishly deny your own.

    Perhaps you have taken to telling yourself that women are only interested in “Alpha Males”, those that reside at the top of a scale that only you adhere to, and it is THIS rigid table of identity that is holding you back, and allowing society to pigeonhole you. Perhaps you tell yourself that people don’t share your very narrow range of hobbies and interests aren’t (or wouldn’t be) interested in you, and therefore do not even try to engage them. In actuality these are all mechanisms that allow you to blame your own failings on everyone around you, and project your own narrow minded perceptions onto society as a whole.

    You instead choose the easy option of sitting at your computer all day, shielded by the anonymity of the internet, screaming abuse and nitpicking about the goals and achievements of your betters while arguing the tiniest deviation in the interests of your peers from your own with a startling lack of understanding and empathy. They are the only other people on Earth that you can relate to, and you hate them because they like slightly different things.

    Oh yeah. That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. I forgot, for a moment.

  • morbidly analized

    Ah ha, nice deviation ‘ANUS’ from NOT reviewing the NU-Morbid Angel’s ‘gravy-groupie-groovy’ orgy of sound. Its about time face the musik.

  • Lv 18 Julius Eevee ⚣

    Atonal music is p ballin’, shucks there’s virtually no “atonal” metal because it’s all boring and Romanticist-like ;___;



    PUT down THAT GUN!!!



  • what i ate for brekfast

    -whole clump raw broccoli
    -2 celery stalk
    – baked potato
    -loads of cum

  • Reality can be like, anything you want it to be, man!

    gender is a social construct.

    Experiment with your gender identity…it will unlock facets of your mind that were previously unknown.

    It can unlock the key to your passions, and revitalize your soul….

  • return to the primitive

    I like to shit my pants. I just let my bowels loose and don’t care.

  • cool and unique hipster dude

    Sometimes I pick up dogshit and put it in my pocket. I’m so awkward and crazy!