Typical Gojira Fan

This from fans of the band who penned this lyrical turd:

I hold my inner child within
And tell him not to cry
“don’t fear the living”
One day you will stand as a king
And no fear can erase
This light below us
Each one of us is now engaged
This secret we all have
This truth is growing
And as a warrior I have to fight
I can already feel
The love I’ll discover

Is it fair to point out that anyone who thinks this is “poetry” or “profound” is of the level of stupidity found mainly in Twilight fans?


6 thoughts on “Typical Gojira Fan”

  1. metrosexual says:

    Empty inspiration for the emos and proletariat idiots.

    “We’re equal, too, you fashcyst!”

  2. Internatio says:


  3. Lonegoat says:

    This induces estrogen in my testicles.

  4. Blood Fire Death says:

    Soon the dawn shall arise
    For all the opressed to arm
    A chariot of thunder shall be seen
    And bronze horns shall sound the alarm

    Fists will raise like hammers
    To a cloudy black sky
    Bonds and chains fall to the ground

    Children of all slaves
    Stand united and proud
    All people of bondage shall triumph
    And live by the sign of…

  5. PLEASE says:


  6. lol hypocrisy says:

    >implying fans of anus.com music are anything but abnormal turds

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