Upcoming Black Sabbath Live DVD

Black Sabbath guitarist and primary composer Tony Iommi let loose in a recent interview that following the band’s final The End tour, they spent three days recording footage for an upcoming live DVD according to Blabbermouth. Hopefully, the DVD will feature better better vocals from Ozzy Osbourne than the recent tour and cover a wider breadth of material than the limited set list of said tour. Hopefully, interviews will provide more insights and golden nuggets than Tony Iommi’s erratic autiobiography.

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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Black Sabbath Live DVD”

  1. canadaspaceman says:

    I love Black Sabbath, but that last album and tour was useless.
    Simply another cashgrab, and by millionaires.

  2. joe1909 says:

    Useless? Not sure how Music is useless. The album was not very good and never saw the tour

  3. Almost bought the book because I thought you said erotic autobiography. Those old fartknockers look uncomfortable like they did some gay shit together while high on cocaine that they don’t have enough years left to live down.

  4. Anthony says:

    I actually liked the Tony Iommi biography a lot. It wasn’t as edited and polished as the Dave Mustaine and Max Cavalera ones. It was more just like “I sort of invented heavy metal and here’s some wacky shit that happened to me!” Also they were pretty fucking great when I saw them live in Denver. BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT IOMMI

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