Veterans Thanatos return with a CMR deal

by Ralph Archer
April 24, 2013 –

Thanatos 2012The “first ever death metal band from the Netherlands”, Thanatos, have recently signed a deal with Century Media Records. The record company initially only expected to re-release some of the legends’ back catalogue, but Thanatos’ sixth album will now see the light on CMR:

When Stephan and Paul visited the CM headquarters in Dortmund in autumn last year, they told us about their plans to record a new album which they’d like to release in 2014 […]. Of course we wanted them to release it on Century Media.

Stephan Gebédi, vocalist/guitarist of the band, who recorded their first demo back in 1984, said they intend to record

an absolute death/thrash metal monster to coincide with our 30th anniversary in 2014! We come from an era when there was no strict boundaries between thrash and death metal which resulted in masterpieces like DARK ANGEL’s “Darkness Descends” and POSSESSED’s “Seven Churches” and it’s our mission to transport the legacy of those albums to 2014 and beyond…

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  • bitterman

    Never really was that good a band, unfortunately. I guess everyone had to make a band back then. Even Necrosanct ended up on Black Mark. Lots of crap even from back then…grrr…

      1. bitterman

        I think I’d rather listen to Thanatos and Necrosanct over Ara. At least like Dark Angel Darkness Descends or Demolition Hammer, it’s not trying to be anything other than one dimensional background music that you can headbang to while drunk. Ara is a sloppily thrown together (fake progressive) mess masquerading as something profound that you are painfully aware is on.

  • federico7979

    for me their stuff is terrific, i bought their two first albums rereleased to stephan and he signed them :D

    even their last album was really good, i hope this new recordings meet my expectations! cheers.