Grafjammer – Koud Gemaakt (2015)

Grafjammer play crossover thrash with a black metal production on Koud Gemaakt.

Riffing on Koud Gemaakt are mostly three chord hardcore punk while song structures are strictly verse-chorus-verse popular music ones. Grafjammer thankfully keep almost every track under three minutes and the entire record is only a few seconds over twenty. This brevity and admission of what the music Grafjammer actually are (a hardcore band) keep the filthy DIY punk feel that black ‘n’ roll era Darkthrone and all the bands hyped on the Nuclear War Now! forum are lacking with their pretensions to and gross failures at playing black metal. Grafjammer is honest crossover thrash that could play a Halloween show at a pizza parlor.

Koud Gemaakt could still be cut in half: some songs still drag in verses so the vocalist can rasp incomprehensible Dutch lyrics nobody in the mosh pit will give a damn about. To imrpove, Grafjammer needs to ditch rock song forms and add in some original riffs. Grafjammer play beer metal for moshing to yet Koud Gemaakt‘s relative brevity may inspire headbangers out there to give it a few spins. Being free helps because Koud Gemaakt, like all funderground “metal”, is certainly not worth paying for.

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7 thoughts on “Grafjammer – Koud Gemaakt (2015)”

  1. whatever is dead says:

    i think i’ll go give this a few spins, and once i get my virginity back, i can get drunk and mosh at their next show.

    1. Claus hitler says:

      This is really good writing hails, i mean I glossed over the nwn remarks because i also do small scale lurking and trolling there but whatever yeah i agree most bands are pointless.
      I really hate the fucking any other language other than english thing like OMG DUTCH THats the most peaceful nation in the world werd. But I thought the GRAVE JAMMER thing sounds interesting, kind of like psychic geomorhpia, like there are dominions, and this jammy thingy device is a kind of himmajajig that sort of distorts curvitures and lines in space so that the different (((but natural))) harmonies from the 7 4 watchtowers of the … cosmos would yoodle together.

      1. you're gay says:

        lay off the candy corn bro

        1. Syphilis says:

          Its the fluoridated water.

          1. whatever is dead says:

            i thought we all agreed it was the homosexual autism

            1. you're gay says:

              “candy corn”

  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

    This is randomly black-flavoured hardcore (and not even particularly good one). Presumably because the guitar player had a single person war metal project in the past and keeps forgetting which songs he’s playing. A very good way to improve this would be to fill the rehearsal room with liquid concrete. Or maybe an “authentic fire and brimstone” gig next to an erupting volcano.

    Crossover would need to resemble music.

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