4 thoughts on “Myrkur – M (2015)”

  1. SomeGuy says:

    YES! Finally someone says how it is. I’m tired of people praising this huge turd of an album just because the person responsible for it is female and a new metal presence. I’ve actually found people trying to defend it ONLY because it’s from a woman, and pretending that any criticism of it was just misogynysm.

    The truth is, this album sucks. It’s bad. You can’t even understand what’s going on because not only it’s too muddy – not in a black metal way, but in a post-rock wall-of-sound-that-makes-no-sense kind of way -, it’s also pretty mediocre considering the rest of the current black metal and atmospheric black metal scene.

  2. Scott says:

    The folk singing and dreampop hooks are well done and are the best part about this band. But oh man the “black metal” parts are so flimsy and shallow. Its black metal sapped of all vitality and aggression, leaving only whimsical faux-grimness. They need to drop the metal pretense and just be dark indie-folk.

    Also, kudos for ignoring extra-musical details like the fact that Myrkur is marketed as a one-woman black metal band. The proper way to handle marketing gimmicks.


      That will be addressed in the Sadistic Metal Review

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