Upcoming New Issue of Isten

A new issue of the legendary Isten fanzine is being published later this year by Svart Records. Those foresighted enough to have purchased the Isten Fanzine: Don’t Break the Ghost compilation book will know how big of a deal this is. Isten was one of the most legendary death and black zines along with Metalion’s Slayer.

From Isten’s Funbook page:

Later this year, Isten brings you CHURCHES. It’s a map of hopes, homes, and hollow graves. An ABC book for both builders and burners. We talk to visionaries and dreamers, iconoclasts and Gesamtkunstwerks from Clandestine Blaze to Seremonia, from Gentry Lord to Grave Pleasures. And a dozen others. It is heavy and it is our bravest step yet. Isten Fanzine: CHURCHES will be published by Svart Records.

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18 thoughts on “Upcoming New Issue of Isten”

  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    My fanzine, morbid crotch is much better.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      speaking of crotches…
      Just finished reading ’18 and Life on Skid Row’.
      Sebastian Bach once was ripped out of his mind, in a stripper bar in 1989 or 1990 I guess.
      He jumped up into one of the cages above, got naked, and lit his pubic hair on fire.
      The original firecrotch (before Lindsay Lohan) !?

  2. thewaters says:

    Brett/Prozak/Vijay….PLEASE shut this site down….

    1. Fuck off forever false.

      1. old DLA fan says:

        thewaters is no false! Braindance is false! Serpent Ascending is false!

        1. Thewaters is a funderground piss-drinker.

          1. thewaters says:

            “Thewaters” is actually an esoteric reference to the piss I drink……..I do it to so that I may go beyond good and evil, and overcome the false duality hoisted upon us by cHrIstiantiY mmmmmaannnn.

            In all seriousness, the drinking of urine in truck stops was sometimes used by primitive tribes to help them attain higher levels of consciousness.

      2. Thewaters says:

        I like the alliteration! Xoxox

      3. Thewaters says:

        No seriously, work harder.

        1. Go drink piss in a truck stop bathroom.

          1. thewaters says:

            You are a poopy head!

    2. Too old, too moldy says:

      Make DMU DLA again

      1. Thewaters says:

        Lol,cleva girl…..

  3. Forever False says:

    Hey, what did I do?

  4. old DLA fan says:

    Isn’t this “funderground”? Why is this being published now? Easy money from NWN types.

  5. Night Booger says:

    Canadian Assault was the last truly great zine.

  6. Inshallah says:

    I like camelpiss

  7. AntiFag says:

    I want to fuck Maarat in the ass.

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