Why retro-thrash falls short

1980s: the world may end at any minute. The Cold War ravaged the earth: missiles inbound at any second had people living in fear of total obliteration, total erasure. There was passion in the moment and in striving for some sense of rationality despite it all.

2010s: it may never end. Rationality, liberal democracy, commerce, etc. — the “good guys” of the past 20 wars — have won. The result is a society so boring and unpleasant that we fear this may be all there is to life, and it makes us frustrated and futile.

Good novels about our dilemma:

  • “White Noise” by Don Delillo
  • “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley
  • “Journey to the End of the Night” by Ferdinand Celine
  • “Elementary Particles” by Michel Houellebecq

This lends itself to black metal, which is a rage not for order but for the passion in our hearts that can create a drive to order. It is rage against the meaningless, safe, conformist, and well-intentioned society. It is a statement that rationality itself has defeat us and we need to embrace the feral, irrational, and passionate again.

Of course, society gives us false outlets. Sports/vids, porn, shopping are substitutes for what we need.

The primary purpose of civilization is to allow the intelligent to rule over the unintelligent, which achieves better long-term results because it makes all of society as effective as its smartest members. The paradox of civilization is that by making the unintelligent effective, they survive at greater rates, which given their greater reproduction rates means they rapidly drown out the intelligent and reverse the advances of civilization.



Demoncy “Enthroned is the Night” new update

We are getting lots of emails from people wondering about the Demoncy – Enthroned Is The Night CD. We sincerely apologize for this massive delay that is at hand, but we are asking graciously for your utmost patience that the cd should not be much longer in progress. Everything is in production and should just about be done, except the outer jacket that is the piece giving us the most problems. I was told last monday that soon we should have the jacket resolved. I am hoping greatly that this week this issue is settled so we can get it into production and have the release ready in the first weeks of February. I know everyone must be getting tired of the delays, I’m getting quite tired announcing them but in the end the way I see it is, is that when the cd is done it will be done correct and not the other way around and for this I am reluctantly accepting the delays as for a good cause. We’ve already had problems in the past with products that went through too quickly and for that had perminent issues we could no longer resolve so in the end we will be much happier that the Demoncy CD was done precisely to our vision. So again I say I am thankful for everyones patience and hopefully all your understanding. Onward… (from FPR)

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LORD WIND “Ales Stenar”

To be released in 2012 by Wolftyr. Alruna plays fiddle on some tracks. For this video I used various samples from myspace etc (Note: some of the samples are in their unfinished form). Album is inspired heavily by Conan the Barbarian.

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WTF fest

It’s in Austin but may still be cool:

Creatives campaign for a truth, a reason, a solution, a future. In what some call the most important vote in the history of the U.S.A, WE THE CREATIVE get together to fight and fuck and flounder and forgive…. To talk about solutions, how we might and what we might do to make the future ours.

We celebrate with music, short videos, cult-culinary, art, spoken word, comedy, and poetry, but this is on the level of Black Metal poetry. This isn’t that re-live the 60′s shit, this is the here and now, and this house will be full to the top, with the top, for the lowest of the low.

Political debates and drunken knuckle fights!

This is the real underground, not some well planed and mass marketed, trust fund fueled, white washed and made safe bullshit… this is from the streets, from the zipcodes you love to hate… no well connected trust fund artists here, check the artist and their websites out, give em a spin on the old google, you’ll see that their individual lives and talents are the things others observe and then make movies about.


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ALTAR “Dark Domains” discography CD

To order a copy, email to: konqueror_records@hotmail.com or order from Pulverized Records ($15)

1. Nothing Human (1992 CD)
2. Lifeless Passion (1992 CD)
3. Daymare/A Message From The Grave (1992 CD)
4. Decapitated (1992 CD)
5. Ex Oblivione (1992 CD)
6. Sleeping Prophet (1993 Demo)
7. Floodgates Of Emotions (1993 Demo)
8. Darklight (1993 Demo)
9. Violent Acts (1994 Demo)
10. Days Forever Grey (1994 Demo)
11. Severed On The Attic (1991 Demo)
12. Decapitated (1991 Demo)
13. Hallucinations (1991 Demo)
14. No Flesh… (1991 Demo)
15. Instrumental (1995 Demo)
16. Severed On The Attic (1992 CD)
17. No Flesh… (1992 CD)

Also can find them here

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