Join us, join us, join us… welcome back: Shitposter Club Movie Night Features “Lord of the Rings”

If you are like so many modern people trying to figure out what to do with your life, consider joining the shitposters for another Sunday night movie festival, this time spanning all of the month of May and covering the Lord of the Rings trilogy, starting this Sunday with The Fellowship of the Ring.

Sunday, May 1 at 6:30 PM CST: “The Fellowship of the Ring”

Weigh in on the movie here:

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27 thoughts on “Join us, join us, join us… welcome back: Shitposter Club Movie Night Features “Lord of the Rings””

  1. curio says:

    Review the latest Desecresy albuum.

    1. molestor says:

      Learn your Ps and Qs first

      1. curio says:

        Is this a metal site or kindergarten? Pretty please with a cherry on top – eat my hairy asshole.

        1. Hairy assholes are disgusting, please shave

      2. curio says:

        Then don’t review it.

        1. molestor says:

          I guess more staff is needed here. New Desecresy is sounding great as usual anyway, waiting for it to come in the post.

      3. umlaut says:

        indeed mr molestor

        good day sir

  2. T Malm says:


    so anyway Pharmacist came out with a new album with a bunch of seven-minute songs

    my first impression is theyre trying to be like their heroes so it’s Necroticism but weirder

  3. Rory Calhoun says:

    Summoning gradually composing their own soundtrack to Tolkien’s work and taking the source material to another dimension with those first few releases cannot get enough praise. Those guys rule.

    On a lighter note, a few friends over the years have salivated over the idea of Peter Jackson using those albums for the sound track.

    Even if it somehow worked with the cinematography, knowing what 99% of a typical crowd’s reaction would be in a theater always cracked me up. Ten minutes into the film: “Oh for the love of…get your coat honey. I’ll pull the damn car around front. And for God’s sake cover your ears from that filth son!” :)

    1. Gnarly says:

      Ew. Why soil the music with that utter turd of a movie trilogy?

      1. I prefer the books, but I thought the trilogy was pretty good. The Hobbit on the other hand should be deleted.

        Some movies are, while not necessarily better than the books, capable of expressing the book in a clearer way. For example, The Bourne Identity and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy reduce needless complexity to tight, efficient narratives, even if I liked the character of Marie better in the books. It’s hard to argue that Gary Oldman is not a better George Smiley than the book version however.

        Similarly, Zodiac is less dramatic and painful than Robert Graysmith’s books.

        1. Gnarly says:

          Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy has some structural problems. Its greatness lies in the atmosphere and details making the world come alive in a way that magnifies the theme. The filmmakers have that world share a room with a complex thriller, but since they decided to cut the source material down to a two-hour feature, it gets cramped and stuffy. I think the film would benefit from another two hours’ runtime to ventilate and cover some loose ends (like the unnecessary scene implying Peter Guillam’s homosexuality or the overlong sequence of Guillam’s hunting down secret documents). The film also loses some momentum when following agent Ricki.

          And that’s heartbreaking, because the film exudes such power in world building and craft. Agreed on Gary Oldman, he’s a treat when not overacting (all right, he’s a treat then as well).

  4. Agressive Perfector says:

    Off topic but very sad news, the legendary Klaus Schulze has passed away last 26 April. I’ll apreciate an apropiate article remembering his legacy.

    1. Very sad. He was a real hero.

      1. Unholy says:

        RIP. Was just listening to Dune yesterday.

  5. Patrick Ewing says:

    Sad to hear about Klaus Schulze being dead. RIP. Exposure to Tangerine Dream was a gateway to his art, and X was the solo album of his that made the most important impression on me.

    I still consider it fantastic after all these years, but wouldn’t be surprised if he has even better work I’ve stupidly skipped over or haven’t even encountered yet.

  6. Brett Stevens says:

    Where has the other site gone Mr Brett?

  7. Adrian Rodan says:

    I hate death metal it sucks

    And you guys complain too much if you loved this music you would go back to the early 90s when it was good not wigger crap like it is now

    and grave and hate belong in the dark legions archive

    brett had the nerve to call rap actual music what the hell is wrong with him?

    Live for the past this music hasnt been relevent in yeras

    1. umlaut says:

      hot take

    2. how would we go back to the early 90s?

      time machines aren’t real dummy

    3. The Dismembered One says:

      There are already tons of review for the good 80s early 90s stuff. I think it’s far more important to filter the present shit and find the good than staying in the 80s–90s and reviewing mediocrity from a band that’s been dissolves for decades and only has one release under their belt.

    4. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

      But Grave is proto-wigger music. “Into the Grave” has nothing on “The Red in the Sky”, “Onward to G” and “Karelian Isthmus”. Now review “Burzum sha Ghash”.

  8. Clement says:

    Hello!? Why are there no new records reviews?

  9. Shawn Wright (Verified) says:

    Alright Everyone listen up! This is Shawn Wright from Lashing Death Metal here with my guitarist Geordie. I flat out don’t give a DAMN about movie night because I’m out here doing the Real leg work in my band and your on the couch! Case closed. Maybe you thought that just because I’m gay and am mastur of ceremonies for Slut Walk that my girlfriend would leave me! Dude man just think about it, my new demo is going to destroy everything so I can see why I have stolen you’re thunder. Geordies riffs and my vocals can’t be defeated. Let me ask you DMU; what have you done with your life? Exactly. Nothing. I’ll just sit back and laugh and thrash my shaft and watch the bidding war over my new demo. Cmon let’s get out of here Geordie. Your movie night is a complete failure!!!!

    1. curio says:

      I finally got around to shaving my asshole.

      1. This is required to get a blue checkmark.

  10. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Reanimated Goat Semen – The Regurgitant

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