Аспид – Кровоизлияние Released on Bandcamp

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Аспид’s (Aspid) lost early 90s technical speed metal album, Кровоизлияние (Extravasation), has been released as a pay as you go, CD-quality lossless FLAC digital download on Bandcamp by Metal Race. Prior to Metal Race’s recent CD from the original DAT tape of the mix supplied by the band that was hard to get outside of Russia, Кровоизлияние was only available on the extremely limited original LP and a horrible sounding CD from a secondary source that was slightly sped up. Listeners worldwide may now enjoy some of the best post 1980s speed metal, resembling a more progressive Destruction.

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22 thoughts on “Аспид – Кровоизлияние Released on Bandcamp”

  1. natroz says:

    Certainly an interesting title, though methinks “hemorrhage” is the correct, if more generic one.

    1. Da – I agree with that assessment.

  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

    The 2nd track is mostly run-of-the-mill bay area with Russian vocals and slightly unusual harmonics albeit firmly remaining in ‘friendly melodies like our forefathers did them for centuries’ territory. There’s (apparently) a keyboard break roughly in the middle of the song which doesn’t seem to have any purpose beyond demonstrating that someone’s got a keyboard and a lengthy solo (possibly dual) sort-of saved from being completely dull by the notable prowess of the player (or players). But that’s assuming a generally friendly disposition towards Exmortus et al. People who feel otherwise might be inclined to call this “accomplished but gratuitious fretboard wanking”, too (That’s not my opinion. That would rather be “ok but not outstanding”).

    Standard disclaimer: I wouldn’t recognize ‘composition rules’ if they bit me in the nose and harbor fond memories of a Grave demo I borrowed from a friend (who later drifted towards Treblinka) in 1989 as I couldn’t have afforded it at that time.

  3. Anthony says:

    Great fucking album! I already own the “horrible sounding CD.” I didn’t know for sure if it was sped up, but I always kind of suspected due to the vinyl surface noise. There’s a reissue of the two Pathologist albums with the same issue. I’ll have to give this a download.

    These guys are one of the pinnacles of this style of technically inclined speed/death metal.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      There’s no hint of death metal in this, that’s absolutely standard bay area thrash comparable to Exodus, Testament, Scared Reich (or Destruction, for that matter) and some worse things, alternating between tremolo picking and longer drawn-out chords and the tone color and vocal style (and …) which usually go with that. It’s less boring (to me) than most of a quick sample I just went through but this is partially offset by the unusual long-ness of the tracks.

      1. Want to write a review of it for DMU?

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          I spent a lot of time with the new Grave Miasma EP recently at that’s – mannerisms included – something that’s close to my heart.

      2. I’d compare them to Vio-lence… not just the lengths, but also compositionally, at least in a general way. and you can call it death metal, certainly.

  4. Shawn Wright says:

    Thank you Daniel Maarat for this vapid, useless review of a band no one will ever listen to!
    I feel my cock growing everytime I think of you typing these futile reviews with your silky smooth fingers and a grin on your luscious lips, oh you sexy boi. I can almost picture you working on that Ungod review we all wanna read…


    your sugar daddy

    1. Ara says:

      For the love of god I’ll review the Ungod record. Someone send me a link, I scoured as far as YouTube for it a few days ago and that’s as far as I have the energy for.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Hardcore with (possibly indirect) Black Sabbath influences and more ‘black metal style’ drumming. Vocals, guitar harmonies and overall feeling are as punk as they can possibly be. And it’s good at that (I listened to the first three tracks and wouldn’t mind more but I need to do something non-computerized).

        2. Ara says:

          Thanks! I’ll check it out later tonight and write something up unless you want to do a full critique, Rainer.

          1. Shawn Wright says:

            No Ara, it’s a matter of principle. Chubby champ Maarat should write that review.

            1. Shawn, I recommend you buy the Dark Funeral cd from the band so they can buy more vinyl leggings, break it in half, and violently shove it into your rectum like the real Shawn. That’s what Lord Ahriman would want.

          2. Rainer Weikusat says:

            Doing this in good faith would require me to spend about a week with listening to nothing but this. And that’s not really compatible with me without having a few pints first: I liked this yesterday evening. Right now, the punk riffs and the “Sex Pistol”-style vocals someone else rightfully noted are annoyingly superficial — “been there, done that, no T-shirt”, just an endless horror of too much alchohol while searching for something which isn’t there.

            I’m trying to pick up a few loose ends which got dropped when I was drafted into military service in 1991 and the subsequent loss of all of my life. I’ve recovered Anatomia Corporis Humani (I misrembered this as Asphyx for a long time) and I’m generally on an unbound journey through ‘whatever happened to death metal and do I like it?’ and this, like the ‘1980s bubblegum rock’, sits on the wrong turn.

      1. Rogaine Hapseburge says:

        Okay, here’s your Ungod LP review >>>

        Predictable sonorous whooshing-shit Intro with pretensions to goatfucking.

        Sex Pistols cover Sacramentum, put Arckanum on vokillz.
        Sounds like Arckanum singing on Burzum’s slow parts.

  5. Parasite says:

    Saw Demoncy and Profanatica last night in Seattle. DEMONCY was powerful.

    1. Kermit the Fucking Fuckface Frog says:

      And Profanatica was… not?

    2. Dominating Fucker says:

      @ Parasite

      I saw your mom’s cunt while your were at the show. She came twice while we fucked bathed in goats blood.

      Then we spooned and watched your baby pictures.

    3. Rogaine Hapseburge says:

      But how was Profanatica though? Dressed as nuns still?

      1. Parasite says:

        Profanatica was great, a bit loud at first but they adjusted the sound after the first song. Profanatica was exactly what i expected, a bit slowed down from what im used to on the records but it was great to finally see them live, i had to drive from BC to see this show.

        Profanatica is still wearing the nun outfits.

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