Cosmic Atrophy – Montis Ex Dementia

Cosmic Atrophy near completion of their second full length concept album, Montis Ex Dementia. Based on the work At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft, the album will be available soon on Dark Descent Records, which is connected to the band.

Previous Cosmic Atrophy work sounded like a hybrid of Timeghoul, Demilich and first-album Incantation. Montis Ex Dementia backgrounds those elements to inject a hybrid of Carnage and Cadaver, with a focus on tempo changes foreshadowed by internal rhythm changes, and melodic riffs that complement each other en route to thunderous conclusions.

You can hear a full length song at the Cosmic Atrophy myAIDS. There’s also an interview with Cosmic Atrophy and album close-up.

0 thoughts on “Cosmic Atrophy – Montis Ex Dementia”

  1. Anti-modernist says:

    I’m getting goosebumps from this.

  2. wEEman33 says:

    I dunno, this one doesn’t do much for me. Just seems like a bunch of blatantly dissonant riffs thrown together with no real direction or personality to them.

  3. derp says:

    Codex Incubo was fucking amazing.. I hope you don’t know what you’re talking about, wEEfag33

  4. dicksnot says:

    “I dunno, this one doesn

  5. dicksnot says:

    disregard that, i know nothing of music theory and suck cocks.

  6. nigger cumlord says:

    I’m not sure about this album, from what I’ve heard on their myspace website, it sounds a bit iffy. The song, Montis Ex Dementia, plays like a well done amalgamation of late 80s doom and Incantation than a song from, at least according to their last cd, a unique band. They seem to lack individuality this time around, although one thing going for it is that the production is much better suited for the music played. Of course, we will all see the complete picture when the album is released.

  7. anus says:

    What the fuck is this Cold Lake-inspired heavy metal bullshit? Only the new Beherit is real. I like boring drone riffs that don’t actually go anywhere

  8. anus says:

    am an troll!

  9. ffffff says:

    dicksnot impersonator: aahaha, your first offensive tactic was to question his "music theory" credibility despite the fact he said nothing about the music? You unbelievable neckbeard-stroking fat self-parody

  10. dicksnot impersonator says:

    glad someone caught on :)

  11. ffffff says:

    GAH I’m so sorry! I feel like such a jackass now D:!! Please comfort me with your embrace, you funny, funny man..

  12. Adrian McCoy says:

    I’d rather listen to this than Korn, Slipknot, ICP or Necro…

    Remember it’s the mallcore bands who are the real enemy, not the death metal black metal bands…


  13. troll says:

    hey Adrian, you suck cocks. cocksucker.

  14. T.G. says:

    This comment section is a perfect example of the results of people having too much time on their hands.

  15. dirt says:

    so is listening to and writing about metal albums, and being in a band

  16. Jebediah Hatfield says:

    I still hate dem’ McCoy’s! The wholllee lot of em’.

  17. fuck says:

    that’s still fucking hilarious

  18. Anti-modernist says:

    There seem to be some inconsistencies after listening to the song again, especially in the first half. There were too many tempo changes that felt out of place to me.

  19. dimensional says:

    That’s fine, I had no doubts this album would be scrutinized much more closely than the first and as a result people might find things that they think would be better done another way. That’s the nature of music and all art, though… so I have no problem with it. I think people will enjoy this album, however.

  20. SW says:

    hey dimensional – don’t sweat these guys, man

  21. dimensional says:

    Oh, that’s quite alright. I’ve been on the internet for aeons now and I have learned the many diverse ways in which people choose to represent their opinions. I’m not disregarding anyone’s thoughts on the song at all, I just wanted to say that I realize how everyone’s taste differs and that no matter what anyone does, people will always have their own idealized versions of what they look for/expect in a band, album or even specific song, and I accept that. I think the album will deliver what I’ve been aiming for in creating it though, I spent quite a lot of energy and time in crafting this piece, with deliberate considerations to many details (especially the tempo changes! ;) ). Anyway, approaching wall of text here… I hope everyone can find something they enjoy out of the album when it’s out!

  22. dirt says:

    Anus doesn’t approve of your attitude, you didn’t say anything about how your music relates to being upper class Republican nigger killer who only likes metal because it reminds you of classical, so you’re trying to turn us into jews, you are false and should be ashamed (commit suicide).

  23. dirt says:

    Wait a minute, no. Just kidding. I changed my mind after eating a heaping bowl of mean-mannered, lower-class, unruly dongs.

    tl;dr: I suck cocks.

  24. fffff says:

    dirt: “… republican”
    or “libertarian” (massive finger quotes)

  25. dirt impersonator says:

    wait a second, do i even know what tl;dr is?

  26. harrylittlekunt says:

    Courtney Cocks strikes again! You go girl !!

  27. Courtney Cocks says:


  28. ieatgod says:

    It’s nice to finally see a little comedy on this site. I sometimes like the DLA reviews and the metal forum, but jeez…its incorrigibly humorless contributors give me gout.

  29. T.G. says:

    Ahh yes, I’ve seen so much attack against Jewish people here. Because, you know, the hundreds of times that the editors of the site have derided anti-Semites just never existed. They’re also incredibly racist, even though they specifically take a stand against racism, which they literally have called both illogical and retarded. I also see so much support of Republicans, even though the website has some very specific views about why the Republican party is a failure. In other words, let’s all agree with dirt so he can suck on his pacifier and sleep peacefully.

  30. T.G. says:

    Also, I only like metal because it makes me better than other people. I encourage everyone who doesn’t agree with me to keep shout this reasoning loudly and repeatedly while they cover their ears and try fervently in their minds to deny the fact that my standards may just be my tastes, without any pretentious ideological goals attached. ‘Cause, you know, that’s just silly!

  31. T.G. says:

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  32. T.G. says:

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  33. T.G. says:

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  34. T.G. says:

    disregard my last comment, some jew was trying to use my name thwart my obviously anti-semite intentions.

  35. T.G. says:


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  36. T.G. says:

    Winning is all that matters, and everyone wins in the special Olympics!

  37. T.G. says:

    sorry, that unfunny comment was typed when I was fucked up on butthash.

  38. T.G. says:

    It’s good stuff!

  39. deadite says:

    what the hell is going on here…?

    Anyway, this is good news. I’m looking forward to the release of this album.

  40. arnas says:

    or dish lorks gurd. trurly romatursursms hurn hurn. durn wirth murdernisms lurl!!

  41. uptightanusfaggot says:

    This band is boring. Just because it mimiks the old school and organises its riffs decently dosen’t change the fact that it’s about as interesting as SRP’s mouth warts. Guitar pro death metal fer fags.

  42. uptightanusfan says:

    disregard last post, I was just frustrated because I have an incredibly short attention span from listening to metalcore and sucking cocks.

  43. uptightanusfaggot says:

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  44. T.G. says:

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  45. TheSuperiorANUSite says:



    But seriously, I’m better than you.

  46. T.G. says:

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  47. T.G. says:

    Dude, I bet everyone who likes the music on the website I came from just likes it because they want to label themselves as Cool and want to loudly oppose realism in order to feel superior to most of the people they meet. I also bet that they have stupid reasons for not liking people who like other types of music(like that dirty metal), like accusing them of having a short attention span from listening to metalcore. Even though a lot of them actually have loads of (metalheads, and other weirdo) friends that listen to all sorts of diverse music, and most of them just like the music they like for no reason other than that they like it. Oh wait, that can

  48. T.G. says:


  49. Unicorn says:

    My T.G is better than your T.G

    anyway, Codex Incubo is a more interesting listen than most recent death metal, maybe even than new Immolation. But this isn’t saying *too* much..
    No it wasn’t nearly as intense an album compared to those epic death metal recordings of past. But the newer track sounds really promising, and it’s good that someone even tries to return to the monster lair and pick up the grail.

  50. T.G. says:

    Dude, being accused of sucking cocks makes me so mad! Grrr….

  51. Adrian Mcocks says:

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  52. thelovemachine says:

    just wanna make 100% sure – we ARE talking about a rooster, right?

  53. Unicorn says:

    Wow you people actually think it’s (still) funny?

  54. fuck says:

    I think adrian mccocks just ruined it by trying to market it as something new.. damn >:L

  55. I wish the following bands would just fucking die:

    Insane Clown Posse
    Kid Rock
    Marilyn Manson

    FUCK EM ALL!!!

  56. fuck says:

    Get the fuck out of here, Adrian.

  57. your moms RACK, THE says:

    Adrian, I love you babe.

    also cocks

  58. none of you says:

    are funny.

  59. what? says:

    Congrats to Prozak for creating a site for metal’s intelligentsia. Bravo.

  60. dirt says:

    music is for penis

  61. nodoubt says:

    “Intelligent” and “internet” is a contradiction in terms.

  62. Should’nt we all agree that it’s the mallcore bands that suck cocks instead of the underground death and black metal bands?

  63. fuck says:

    Get out of here, Adrian. We all know how much of a Cannibal Corpse fanboy you are, and distracting us with nu metal isn’t going to change the fact they suck.

  64. itsmorefuntocompute says:

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