Dave Mustaine Can’t Be Trusted With Good Ideas

In a recent radio interview documented on Blabbermouth, Dave Mustaine said that he makes the revolving cast of Megadeth submit their ideas to Megadeth’s label and management.

Asked if MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson and guitarist Kiko Loureiro bring ideas of their own into the songwriting process, Mustaine said: “Yeah, everybody does — everybody has great ideas. The problem is there’s so many great ideas. So, for me, I learned a long time ago, instead of putting our friendship on the line and cause any problems between them and myself that when they submit songs and stuff, they just submit it to management and the label, and then, you know, if they like it… ‘Cause, see, it would suck — wouldn’t it? — if they had a great song and I heard it and I was busy during the day or I had something going on that was some kind of hectic bullshit and they played this great song for me and I didn’t hear it and it was gone forever. That would suck, wouldn’t it?”

The implication is that Dave Mustaine cannot be trusted to hear good ideas due to his ego and personality. Furthermore Dave Mustaine has hardly had any good ideas in almost thirty years beyond the financially profitable but artistically bankrupt career choice to recycling his past success into rock music. He hasn’t recorded anything of musical worth since 1990’s Rust in Peace. He has merely rehashed the past into simple heavy metal and rock songs.

Even if the stand-ins punching the clock in Megadeth had good ideas, they would never be well-used as bassist Dave Ellefson put it:

Ellefson told Rocket Sports & Entertainment Network last year that MEGADETH has lasted as long as it has because Mustaine “is a very committed leader.” He added: “I knew it the day I met him. I mean, he is very convicted in his vision, and he casts a big vision, and it’s one of the things I loved about working with him. I got it. I’m, like, ‘I love what he’s talking about. That, to me, is what being in a band is about.'”

“I think lots of times, people have this perception that bands are democracies, and most of the most successful ones usually aren’t. I mean, you have to have a leader, just like in sports. I mean, there has to be a coach, there has to be management. You have your star pitcher, star quarterback, etc. Someone has to take orders and send the orders down to the rest of the team, and it’s no different in rock and roll, really.”

Mustaine is the captain, head coach, and general manager of Megadeth. Nothing will ever get through and the post-1990 Megadeth formula of a radio sing-along version of speed metal cannot be changed without harming Megadeth’s revenue as actual rock stars. Mustaine’s attempts to make more money playing pure buttrock failed miserably: Super Collider and Risk, which had lead single “Crush ‘Em” featured in Universal Soldier: The Return, had a sonic likeness to the oily constipation and flatulence which results from eating too much cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner or merely drinking Zima brand clear gain alcohol and sugar water beverage.

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9 thoughts on “Dave Mustaine Can’t Be Trusted With Good Ideas”

  1. 1488 not 1776 says:

    What younger metalheads don’t get is that the old guard, Mustaine included, still fundamentally see themselves as rock bands. How do rock stars take over the world (or how did they before rock died?)? By making hits and crossing over. His mindset is still stuck in an older business model.

    During metal’s golden years a lot of bands were able to navigate this continuum while preserving their dignity, at least for a while. Judas Priest were revolutionizing metal in the 70s, and churned out some perfectly good drinking music with Killing Machine and British Steel. The “Peace Sells…” song getting a good deal of airplay got a lot of normies to buy a gnarled, mostly atonal, complex thrash metal album. etc etc. Good times!

    Their approaches are still the same, but they’re getting older and they’ve lost touch with the music climate. When they try to make music that’s marketable and world-conquering, the results are “OK” but not really good enough for the pop crowd, and when they pander to the metal crowd, the results are “OK” but not really good enough for the metal crowd.

    So their music turns into this big pile of bland middle-of-the-road “OK”-ness that doesn’t really satisfy anybody but doesn’t really offend anybody either.

    Basically, getting older is a thing, and getting a real job sucks.

    1. Syphilis says:

      Its quite interesting how many straight up metal and punk bands considered their music “just rock”, or “just rock’n’roll” back then.

      1. Cornrose says:

        The era was ripe for the picking. It’s been over for 30 years. None of these bands have a future that would afford them what they had then.

  2. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    Ashes In Your Mouth was their last good song.

  3. canadaspaceman says:

    Dying of curiosity what has Mustaine looking spooked like that onstage. Guess that is a SFSGSW tour shirt, so maybe pic was snapped during his topped-out height of coke/smack addiction.

    1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

      He is noticing a split end.

  4. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Cocaine is one hwll of a drug.

    So my mono has reached epic proportions after months of having it & abdominal pain has begun. If my spleen bursts & I send it to you guys, do I get a DMU shirt?

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:


    2. you're gay says:

      if you send me your spleen I’ll send you a shit

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