55 thoughts on “Enslaved – Vikingligr Veldi Debuts On Vinyl”

  1. Roger says:

    Enslaved are a boring band. VV is snooze-inducing. Hordanes Land is the only interesting thing they ever did.

    And why the constant trolling of Vinyl collectors? You people who like Abominations of Desolation and [insert demo here] from every band ever are massive hipsters in your own way.

    1. C.M. says:

      VV may indeed bore you but that it is an objectively boring album does not follow.

      The hipster modus operandi is to embrace inconveniently obsolete media technology, so vinyl albums sell well to hipsters. That early Morbid Angel is better than later Morbid Angel has nothing to do with choosing something outdated because it’s fashionable. It’s just better music.

      Thanks for playing, though.

      1. Roger says:

        But, IMO, you’ve convinced yourself that it IS better music simply because of it’s rawness and disorganised attempt at song-writing.

        The same stupidity that leads people, this time in the black metal sphere, to like the idiot-Asperger’s music that is Ildjarn etc.

        1. penisfingers says:

          yeah bro, Ildjarn are so ‘disorganized’ with their 2 minute songs that all have 2 riffs

          1. Roger says:

            You just answered your own question asshat

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              »Simple« and »disorganized« are almost opposites of each other: Something composed of ‘two riffs’ can’t be ‘disorganized’ because there are only 4 possible combinations of two different things (aa ab ba bb). Even arranging these via random selection won’t create much variety.

              1. Roger says:

                Absolute arbitrary rantings of an autist.

              2. Roger says:

                If you want to doggedly stipulate that the concept of ‘disorganized’ necessarily includes the idea of complexity, then go for it. I’ll bring Ildjarn under the extension of a different concept:

                IDIOT-(NON)SAVANT MUSIC.

                1. C.M. says:

                  Rainer and Roger; both fools.

                  Ildjarn’s music is simple but not disorganized, though both traits can exist in a piece of music simultaneously. Rainer’s assumption that the two traits are mutually exclusive is not too surprising since it is certainly more common to hear “complex” music that is organized poorly (Dillinger Escape Plan) or sometimes not at all (Between the Buried and Me). Even idiots can successfully organize simple music (see; pop-punk, EDM).

                  Roger, you are mistaken for equating consonant melody for cheesiness in black metal. Ever heard Immortal? Emperor? Burzum? They all have very much consonant (even melodious) bits of riffage throughout their quality albums. If your personal inclination is toward “chaotic” music then good luck and godspeed but you are missing out for dismissing this album in particular (VV) for being cheesy. I recommend about 4 hits of acid and a lonesome back road near midnight for optimal listening. Maybe you’ll be able to shake off your false associations and appreciate it for what it is.

                  1. Roger says:

                    My personal preference (just like yours is merely personal) is for music that doesn’t sound like a videogame sountrack.

                    I never said consonant, where ever it is to found across time and space = cheesy. I said, and I mean, the way VV uses melody sounds cheesy.

                    “Appreciate it for what it is”

                    As if your opinion on the music is Objective, while all who disagree with you are Wrong. This is the strategy of the pussy. ‘Donald Trump is capital B bad! Anyone who disagrees with me is denying Evil’.

                    SLAVE MORALITY

                  2. Roger says:

                    As Nathan Metric put it below, the music is viciously circular. This is another complaint of mine. Songs go no where. They culminate in nothing, probably because they do no culminate.

                    I’ve got a boring riff A. I’ll play it for 2 minutes
                    Hey, I’ve got another boring riff B. I’ll play it for 2 minutes.
                    Then I’ll repeat boring riff A
                    Followed again by boring riff B
                    Then simply end the song


                    1. The structure of Vetrarnott is

                      A B A B C1,C2 B D,D2,D3, A, B, C, E, A, B

                      The same letter means the same underlying theme, in the form of a base melody. But every A, for example, is not the same, as they have different accompaniment, length, or tempo in the different times that they appear.
                      The same theme also has different parts, because a theme here is not only a melody, but a sequence of progression tied together through strong melodic relation.

                      When A returns after D, it is different, in that it lacks vocals and has a different keyboard accompaniment.
                      C is also different, and more intense, when it returns, and this time it leads to E, a natural path for it to take, which also functions as a crescendo.
                      I named it its own letter instead of C2, because while it is obviously a mutation from C, it is also recognizably its own theme, not just a variation on the same one.
                      This is a matter of interpretation, and there are multiple ways to interpret the music, but this is mine.

                      With E as the crescendo, the tune lead up to it in a twisting path which, though it repeated its themes (with variations on them), was not circular. Interpreting the last C as part of the crescendo doesn’t change this.

                      Having A and B on the edges doesn’t make it circular.

                    2. Yeah Enslaved had somewhat of a melodic narrative to it unlike the randomness of Death and Satyricon.

                    3. C.M. says:

                      Donald Trump is the new Hitler; you know your Internet argument has deteriorated to shit when you start using him in metaphor.

                    4. Nathan Metric says:

                      Vetrarnott sounds circular. The repeat the hell out of riffs A and B for no narrative purpose and then 3 minutes later they think the listener wants to listen to those riffs a 3rd and 4th time. I think the song should of stopped around the 4 minute mark with a fade out on a single play of the D riff. That would of been more interesting and conclusive sounding.

                    5. You can legitimately criticize the music for what it is, but not for what it isn’t: circular.

                  3. Nathan Metric says:

                    Um, no. If we are going to get doped up we are going to be listening to Demilich. You can’t out-cheese Demilich.

                  4. Nathan Metric says:

                    iLDjARN – NiDHOGG is a cheesy release. Von – Satanic Blood Angel is a cheesy release but the difference is they are intentionally over the top cheesy. VV is not. VV is the equivalent of cheese you get when you don’t wash the dishes.

      2. Morbideathscream says:

        Nothing wrong with old school metalheads collecting vinyl, though I prefer collecting tapes. Hipsters have bastardized vinyl which of course has shot the price up on LP’s. I have a metal friend who was collecting them at a time when they were cheaper than CD’s. I usually pick up CD’s these days, only time I’ll buy vinyl is if I can’t find it on CD.

        Abominations was a great album, but they perfected their material on altars. Roger is a gay retarded hipster so, don’t mind him.

        1. C.M. says:

          I have acquired a small collection of classical LPs from library sales and head shops. You can find a lot of good stuff for 25 or 50 cents if you know where to dig around! But otherwise I am like you and prefer CDs and even tapes over vinyl due to the whole inconvenience of playing and storing them. However I did buy that Undead 7″, for the same reason (and only reason) I buy digital tracks; because the artists deserve support.

    2. Johan P says:

      Care to elaborate on why VV is boring?

      1. Dr Khan says:

        Don’t worry about it. Roger is a goddamn hipster loser, as you can tell by the nature of his comment: “Only ____ [first EP ever by band that is well-regarded] is interesting and _____ [everything else that is not the first EP] is lame.” That is a classic hipster loser comment. I mean, this guy is practically a Pitchfork Media writer, complete with vegan diet, bicycle, and dangerously low testosterone levels, and intact virginity at the age of 30.

        1. C.M. says:

          Comprehend reading much? He was actually making fun of DMU writers for being hipsters…

          >You people who like Abominations of Desolation and [insert demo here] from every band ever are massive hipsters in your own way.

          There is a common association with liking a band’s early output only and being a music snob. However it’s actually pretty common for a band to put out one or two good albums and then garbage after that, so there is some truth to the stereotype that discerning listeners are likely to ignore a band’s later output. Roger is trying to exploit this association and imply that metal fans associated with DMU are snobs, but doesn’t realize that this insult “snob” holds no weight and will not strike any nerves. This is because liking AoD more than AoM doesn’t actually get you any social cool points, and that confuses Roger to an extent, possibly because he’s never seen someone exercise judgment over what media they consume without the end goal of appearing cool in mind. So, he’s not a hipster, he’s just kinda stupid, or at least sheltered. And probs gay.

          1. squishy crackers that got rained on says:

            he’s pretty gay

            and cynical

            1. veeo says:

              Would you all please stop taking this incorrect idiot’s bait??

              (takes bait in process of making comment)

            2. C.M. says:

              One time I left my copy of Mental Funeral out in the rain and the booklet got all squishy. CD still plays fine but that book got pretty brittle

              1. squishy crackers that got rained on says:

                crackers are not as durable as your cd booklet, sadly

          2. Dr Khan says:

            He is a homo hipster and is in the process of writing his next Pitchfork Media submission about the latest vegan non-gender-binary folk metal band that no one gives a fuck about.

        2. Roger says:

          Your loathsome IQ and comprehension skills got the better of you my friend.

      2. Roger says:

        “Listening to this makes me want to grow an epic Viking beard and run around with a battle axe, chopping off heads!”

        -DM.org supplicants.

        (DM.org is great btw. But one does not have to agree with the part line on everything, you know?).

    3. You're Right says:

      VV and Hordane’s are both great but as a fat sarcastic Star Trek fan you already know this

      1. Roger says:

        As should be clear from my first comment, no I don’t think VV is great. It’s long-winded, repetitious to a fault, and generally sounds like a goofy video-game soundtrack. Give me Demoncy, and early Darkthrones, Burzums, Emperors and Immortals any day.

        1. Johan P says:

          That’s funny. I always thought VV was less cheesy than most records in the genre, considering that they mostly stay clear of the usual aesthethics/tropes of “viking metal” (how’s that for a retarded genre classification?)

          1. C.M. says:

            The only part I find cheesy are the disco-y drum n synth bits.

          2. Roger says:

            True, if you are judging them against the benchmark of Viking Metal. I consider them to be (boring) black metal.

            I like twisted dissonance being made poetic through good song-writing. VV sounds way too straight for me, often consonant in a goofy way.

            1. Johan P says:

              Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. However, I have to admit somewhat embarassingly that I haven’t listened to VV for many years, so I’m not fit for an argument. But as I recall, the songs were cyclical to a high degree, but with minor variations of the larger parts, which collide into each other two massive natural forces, ehmm… Yeah. Plus, the track Heimdallr has this devastating “concluding” riff, which I remember as very satisfying.

            2. C.M. says:

              >too straight for me

              And there it is.

  2. Facelessones says:

    The creations here is progressive, even if there are some flaws now it seems. But such works are the foundation of the Black metal evolved into a more advanced form of music.

  3. penisfingers says:

    about fucking time

    “Hordanes Land is the only interesting thing they ever did.” the incorrect opinion of a faggot

  4. Anthony says:

    Yggdrasil or get the fuck out!

    Just kidding, everything up through Frost is great (even Eld has its moments). My personal favorite will always be Yggdrasil. It always seemed less progressive rock-y and more classical sounding, even on songs that appear on multiple releases.

  5. Roger says:

    Ah you guys. It’s so cute that you get offended at slightly different opinions on metal than your venerable prophets here at DM.org.

    1. Johan P says:

      In my case, there’s a genuine interest in hearing differing opinions on albums I almost take for granted as great works. So, please share your thoughts. I may not agree, but if the reasons are well grounded, well that’s good.

      1. C.M. :P says:

        Just do like I do and assume that you are correct until forced to recognize your own error. Saves a LOT of time!

    2. squishy crackers that got rained on says:

      i object more to being flecked with drops of diet mr pibb

    3. Morbideathscream says:

      It is you who gets butthurt by DMU.org’s opinions. That’s why you were throwing a tard fit on the Morbid Angel comment section when they said Covenant was them regressing.


      1. Roger says:

        Haw haw haw haw.

        Equating Morbid Angel’s Covenant with ‘Wolves in the throne room’ et al.

        You drooling fool.

        1. Morbideathscream says:

          I didn’t equate Covenant with wolves in the throne room you fucking moron. I just said you were butthurt when dmu put covenant down. I never said I disliked covenant it’s a solid album but outside the godly Angel of Disease it’s b grade death metal and not the top notch death metal they recorded with abominations, altars and blessed.

          Due to your leftist whining about Trump, Nazi’s and anything that hints at being right wing I can pretty much bet that your a metrosexual hipster who probably doesn’t even know his own sexuality and only got into metal to be ironic. So yeah, you’re that type to like gay agricultural black metal like agalloch and wolves… You preach open mindedness wear girls’ jeans and blame all of today’s problems on Reagan and Bush like most leftist fags do.

    4. Memoncy - Joined in Dankness says:

      I agree with you, Altars is far superior to Abominations. Their compositions needed more gestation time, which is probably why they never released Abominations in the first place.

  6. veeo says:

    I wonder if this sounds any different to the original CD release. Emperor’s “As the Shadows Rise” vinyl re-release was great in this regard, it actually sounded better than the original.

  7. Nathan Metric says:

    Slow, circular, and cheesy elevator music.

    1. Roger says:


  8. This album is good.
    Hail Heimdal.

  9. Roger is a fag says:

    Holy shit what a faggot

  10. Vangelis is better says:

    Not as good as Path of the Weakening.

    1. Vrangsinn is Fatter says:

      Apples and Oranges, Asses and Cunts –why not both Zoidberg?

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