Google Endorses Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Antisemitism

Google posted the above image to their homepage as the winner of their annual Doodle 4 Google contest. The picture was drawn by a high-school student who wanted to show that diversity and multiculturalism will let everyone live in peace together. Google endorses such preposterous delusions by selecting such social realism as the winner of their annual contest. Google wants the lazy, the crazy, and the insolent are allowed to loot the first world as they hope, like other multinational corporations that sell cheap crap (text ads), that more potential customers will equal more potential profits.

Leftist-led liberal democracies encourage mass immigration in the delusion that massively importing third world primitives from barbaric cultures will become an enfranchised mob wanting free lunches misappropriated from the hard-working native culture. The hordes will of course vote for the leftists claiming wealth redistribution as otherwise they will not be able to feed themselves or their spawn and this will continue until nobody who works has any income left to spend. Anarchy will result, the do-nothing hordes will perish, and the cycle of civilization will start anew in the wasteland!

Google wants to undermine all of the native populations inhabiting nation states including the descendants of those who carved out America, the thirteen colonies and then the expanding Western frontier, from the wilderness and built the largest economy and most powerful military on earth. Thus Google shows a concerned looking Jewish woman locking arms with a Muslim and would could be an Indian lesbian or transvestite (the lack of curly hair indicates the figure is probably not of African descent). Is the black guy of the science faith? Is he a black atheist? A black African communist? Did he revolt against the Portuguese in Mozambique, did he overthrow the emperor of Ethiopia and starve his country, or is he merely a Black Lives Matter communist who changed his name to “VuhLaDeMeer” for a more unique, African-American blaque take on Lenin?

The Jewess and the headscarfed Muslim woman are locking arms of course is what stands out most strikingly in the Google Doodle thus the inflammatory headline. Google is explicitly endorsing the destruction of the nation state of Israel. Google hopes ethno-religious multiculturalism in the Jewish state for the Israeli Arabs and Palestinians; policies that have spectacularly failed in other Occidental nations such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, and Australia. Google wishes for the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state just as the Saudis, Hamas, and Al-Qaeda do. The Jewish woman in the drawing is right to be concerned about the Muslim to her right and the future AIDS victim to her left.

Google wants to sanitize every people of the world into mediocrity. Not only Jews but Muslims too. Google hopes that all Muslims become exactly like atheist Bolshevik Jews in the Soviet Union and California, chant the praises of Marx and Engels from their little red erstatz bibles instead of Allah from the Koran. Google wants to embrace diversity but by doing so, truly wishes to destroy all that is unique about the various peoples of the world, their religions, and their cultures. Google wants all Muslims to become the mindless mall rats of the United Arab Emirates. Google wants the Palestinians to stand back and hold hands with the Israelis as their land and livelihoods that their ancestors have held since the Roman Empire and before is slowly conquered. That woman seems to be overjoyed that her subsistence farming village is being bulldozed by the Jewish woman’s kinsmen! Arabs are Semites too so Google is doubly antisemitic.

Google wants everyone to live in mediocrity together and barely subsist in a socialist workers’ paradise while Sergey Brin and Larry Page make billions off selling Metalhead Dating, Gay Thug Dating, and Spinning Top ads for fractions of a cent to websites such as Death Metal Underground! Google are the Communist version of the Parents Music Resource Center only this time instead of going after Twisted Sister, Google (and other leftist tech giants like Facebook) want to start a New World Order of mediocrity, leftism, equality, equal opportunity, undeserved employment and educational opportunities, psychotic transvestism, state-supported sexual hedonism, and censorship by bullets. Where are the Goths and Franks when you need them?

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28 thoughts on “Google Endorses Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Antisemitism”

  1. Saul says:

    All I will say is that cracking a core programming interview at Google isn’t something to be scoffed at.

    1. kek says:

      The good programmers have left Google, what’s left is autistic Gophers.

    2. Syphilis says:

      From what I`ve heard (online), Cuckgle operates as some kind of cult-like entity.

  2. I overdosed on Prozak says:

    You’re reading way too much into a picture lol.

  3. Hero Quest Player says:

    Stopped reading where you insinuated that the saudis want to destroy Israel, they’re pretty good allies in fact, both supporting ISIS and hating Iran for instance.

    You’re out of your depth, stick to bringing interesting metal to our attention, or proposing interesting takes on past glories.

    1. Of course those inbred fundamentalists want to destroy Israel. The only reason they haven’t​ tried in a while is because Israel murder the hell out of them as the Saudi military sucks.

      1. Hero Quest Player says:

        The saudis never waged war against Israel, the sauds are a creature of the US in the 1930s, and Israel became an ally of the US later, since then, the arab rulers need to maintain some criticism of Israel for public consumption but otherwise they work well with them (at least the monarchs who use religion for propaganda while living the western lifestyle and who have now managed to get almost entirely rid of the secular pan-arabist leaders). That’s especially true now with the bloodbath in Syria.

        Also, what happened ? Bannon was finaly ejected by Kushner so you try to cater to the Jewish wing of the fascist party ? (you can be a jewish fascist, check out a guy named Jabotinsky, the father of the current head of Israel worked for him).

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    The Turkish person looks as if getting strangled. Honi soi qui mal y pense :->.

    Apart from that: “Short version”: Google doesn’t care who you are. Just smile and buy stuff.

  5. Claudia Roth says:

    >drawing of a jewish woman locking arms with a muslim


  6. Jason says:

    Both White (or at least White-ish) males are cripples. Ok, not sure if the one on the left is a dude or dyke, but it’s definitely a cripple. And it’s sitting by some amputee lady. The darky, of course, is with the white girl. And the cripple on the right looks like he’s jealous of the girl. And why no gooks?

    1. Astronaut Bread says:

      The guy on the right isn’t crippled, he’s just really classy. It’s hard to see, but he’s actually wearing a monocle.

      The gooks are in the back, breeding steadily while everyone else jacks each other off.

  7. LiesOfTheCross says:

    “instead of Allah from the Koran”
    Yeah agree! And reading Koran will be “good” for people and they will stop believing in dualistic illusions and stop encouraging hatred for the different. I doubt it…
    Everywhere that kind of religions bring unjustified hatred and illusions!
    It might have been better earlier in primitive time, but not now.

    1. Syphilis says:

      Inclusivity = death

      Impale the feeble-minded!

      1. LiesOfTheCross says:

        Yes i got you and not only that but also support the idea. To be more clear what I mean by the term different-
        not different like racial,sexual,everyday slovenly unhuman minorities or handicapped/learning disabled etc.
        but different like transcendent death metal or black metal,uncompromising,acting independently along a workaround.
        All this will gladly be discarded by the crowdist idea and mentality of a dominant paranoid mass religion,as to require
        all enslavement of the soul and spirit.

  8. GGALLIN1776 says:

    I wish Trump would bomb israel, so many problems would be fixed. But no, instead he sold us out & catered to the bolsheviks.
    Sad day indeed.

    1. *buzzer* says:

      Bombing Israel won’t fix anything unless it’s completely glassed. The most effective solution is to remove all the Israelites from postions of influence in the Western countries. They are the only reason the systemic destabilization of the middle east (leading to Euro countries being flooded with angry Islamists) is occurring. They want a war between whites and Muslims. Islam and the West aren’t real enemies.

    2. canadaspaceman says:

      Donald Trump MIGHT be of a jewish lineage . A lot of patriots are investigating right now.
      This maybe explains a lot of what has happened since he took office.
      In other words, the new boss is the same as the old boss.

  9. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Also, rape “diversity” with a flaming mace.

    1. Krueger says:

      That’s one of my fantasies

  10. plack bussey says:

    who cares about israel, fuck them

  11. Let's only talk about Blasphemy says:


  12. Pe4ce 'lovin guy says:

    Danny you’re overthinking, buddy.

  13. ugh says:


    Uuuuuuh pick one (1)

  14. Falsehammer says:

    So who is going to be the new “barbarian” horde that crushes these weaklings?

  15. 1349 says:

    What services should people use instead of Gmail and GoogleDocs?

  16. Flying Kites says:

    Great article.

    Diversity produces populations such as Arabs, and makes wastelands of countries were the Middle East not already a giant wasteland. The fall of Empire is diversity.

    1. AIDS says:

      Empires ARE diversity (with a dose of oppression), by definition. The one who tried to build an uniform empire failed within 12 years, compared to an initial 1000 years plan.

    2. Pe4ce 'lovin guy says:

      The Middle East is a meme.

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