Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas North American Tour


Mayhem are touring North America with a setlist composed of their De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album in its entirely. Mayhem are playing larger venues in many cities (probably due to the publicity from Necrobutcher’s recent book) so this might be a good opportunity for headbangers to see them play some of their only material worth caring out. Maybe Mayhem will throw in a few tracks from Deathcrush as an encore? Maybe Hellhammer won’t bring out that transparent MIDI kit?

Mayhem brings De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas to North America, together with INQUISITION Officiall & Black Anvil.

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is widely considered one of the most influential black metal albums of all time, and for the first time in history this classic album from 1994 will be performed live in its entirety in North America in the following cities :

Fri/Jan-20 Montreal, QC @Club Solda
Sat/Jan-21 Toronto, ON Phoenix Theater
Sun/Jan-22 Cleveland, OH Agora Ballroom
Mon/Jan-23 Chicago, IL Metro
Tue/Jan-24 Milwaukee, WI Turner Hall Ballroom
Wed/Jan-25 Minneapolis, MN Cabooze
Fri/Jan-27 Denver, CO Gothic Theater
Sat/Jan-28 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex
Mon/Jan-30 Calgary, AB Marquee
Tue/Jan-31 Edmonton, AB Starlite Room
Thu/Feb-02 Seattle, WA El Corazon
Fri/Feb-03 Vancouver, BC Rickshaw
Sat/Feb-04 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theater
Mon/Feb-06 San Francisco, CA Social Hall SF
Tue/Feb-07 Santa Ana, CA he Observatory
Wed/Feb-08 Phoenix, AZ Club Red
Fri/Feb-10 San Antonio, TX Alamo Music Hall
Sat/Feb-11 Dallas, TX Trees
Mon/Feb-13 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
Tue/Feb-14 Wilmington, NC Throne Theater
Wed/Feb-15 Washington, DC The Howard Theater
Thu/Feb-16 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of the Living Arts
Fri/Feb-17 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
Sat/Feb-18 Boston, MA Royale
Sun/Feb-19 New York, NY Gramercy Theatre

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27 thoughts on “Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas North American Tour”

  1. I will be protesting this event

    1. Provisional Insectionality says:

      You’ll be burning the ‘Live in Leipszigz’ LP and brochure.

  2. penishole says:

    Modern Mayhem is like a hobo digging up your dad’s grave, putting on his moldy clothes, breaking into your house at night, and waking you up by dancing and screaming “I’M YOUR DAD!!! YOU LOVE ME RIGHT???”

    I’m usually pretty live-and-let-live about this stuff. Ok, there are still some original (or close to original) members in the band, fine. But Hellhammer being so glib about how Euronymous “had to die” so they could “evolve” into some sort of watered down Deathspell Omega technicool carnival band with those Fisher Price drum triggers, well, that invites brutal honesty: they’re a bunch of impostors clinging to a seminal band name for dear life so they don’t have to work at McDonalds. Fuck these clowns. It would be more authentic to watch your local AC/DC cover band.

    1. Marc Defranco says:

      Fairly certain your dead dad joke was reused and edited from somewhere else, and both me and you know where heh

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      they’re a bunch of impostors clinging to a seminal band name for dear life so they don’t have to work at McDonalds.

      A world tour implies a pretty gruelling workload most real McDonald’s “no one here getting paid to die by
      exaustion” part-time workers would probably, despite the (one hopes) better pay, be seriously unhappy with. It’s perfectly ok to call this what it is — a poor-taste black metal circus for superficial fools — but condemning the people who built the reputation of this circus for performing because other people want to see this is not.

    3. Memoncy - Joined in Dankness says:

      i like the cut of ur jib m8

  3. OliveFox says:

    I always wish I gave more of a shit about Mayhem. I get the attitude/history/importance/influence side of them, but I hardly ever cycle them through my listening rotation.

    They will be coming through DC mid February (though why they are playing the Howard Theater, of all places, is beyond me), so maybe I’ll return to their most famous stuff and see if it compels me to buy a ticket.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Looking at

      compared to the Mayhem version of this track,

      could make a stone cry. Not the least because of the ‘black metal is really surf rock’ fuck up instead of the lead guitar.

      1. OliveFox says:

        ” ‘If they remain silent, then even yet the stones would cry out!’ ”

        Sorry, Jesus of Nazareth. Mayhem are silly business and no mistake. Remain silent. Ticket sale: DEEEE-NIIIEEEDD!!!!

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          I’m sorry that you’ve been hurt with an English bible. A literal translation of the corresponding German verse would be “the stones would scream” not “could make a stone weep” (as I meant it). That’s really from a joke I came up with entirely on my own (Jawoll!) a while ago because of some street musician who reminded me of the Orpheus-story of music causing inanimate objects to become alive: “Ok, I get it now. This</strong music is really magic. It could make stones cry and trees run away."

  4. Johan P says:

    Another book on the history of Norwegian BM/Mayhem? People never seem to grow tired of the same old same old. I’d rather read a book about Necrobutcher’s experiences as a drug-pusher and endorsement of rap/hiphop.

  5. Johan P says:

    “The Past Is Alive”… how about “Fuck Second-Rate Nostalgia”

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      I wouldn’t call this »nostalgia«. Judging from the Youtube live videos, this is really the black metal equivalent of current-day darkwave (if this still exists — I lost interest in that years ago), IOW, it’s basically a Halloween-style fancy dress party (‘Black metal – The Musical’ would also suggest itself).

      1. Johan P says:

        Call it false marketing then!

    2. C.M. says:


  6. Money Money Money says:

    Current Mayhem lineup: Atilla, Guidochrist and ImsoshitfacedIcanbarelyformacoherentsentence

  7. Johan P says:

    Another topic for a book: Is Hellhammer really Norwegian? His phenotype looks quite North-African/Germanic to me. Jewish? Algerian? Morrocan?

  8. Matt Risnes says:

    I actually like Mayhem’s albums outside of DMDS, but this tour seems desperate and sort of sad. I’ll still go because as a father of three I relish the chance to get out of the house at bedtime and I still love Inquisition, even though I have a feeling everyone on this site has myriad reasons why they’re awful posers too.

      1. Matt Risnes says:

        That’s probably my favorite song off the new album. I should mention I’m also going because watching Atilla Cshihar do old man tai chi while burping and moaning his way through the set was highly entertaining last time I saw them and hope for a repeat.

      2. Syphilis says:

        Contrary to Mayhem, they should actually be really good live.

  9. Son of the Damned says:

    I see no reason for supporting the actual tomfoolery called The True(?) Mayhem in this shitty modern incarnation.
    Nonetheless,De Mysteriis is certainly one of the pillars of black metal.

    1. C.M. says:

      It’s just a great album dude. Anyone who says differently is kidding themselves or trolling. Pagan Fears, Buried By Time, Funeral Fog – there is more quality content in those three songs alone than can be found in most any black metal band’s entire discography.

      1. penishole says:

        Of course it is. Deathcrush is great too in a shitty way. Revisionism aside, early Mayhem was fantastic.

  10. Awful torture says:

    DON’T GO
    Mayhem are worthless live. You’ll be lucky if they even do a sound check. It’ll be the “WALL OF FEEDBACK PLUS SNARE DRUM” set list in it’s entirety, oh boy!

  11. How come they all have Hitler moustaches in the poster lol

    1. Dave the Faggot Grohl says:

      Ha, wonderful! Never looked at it that way before.

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