Merciless & Sadistic Intent Playing California Deathfest 2017

Sadistic Intent seem to be playing sets at every iteration of the Deathfest series of festivals as of late.

The California Deathfest has a slightly better lineup than the others with Merciless, the aforementioned Sadistic Intent, Samael, Demolition Hammer, Dead Congregation, Siege, Pissgrave, Nunslaughter, and Diocletian. Half of these are more enjoyable drunk and live than on record as the music they write is not particularly inspiring but compared to the stoner doom rock that Deathfest replaced the death metal with when they sold out to be in parking lot wjith mainstream festival crowd of fat hipsters in flannel, speedos, and Hawaiian beach shirts with Entombed back patches, this lineup can only be an improvement. Deathfest sucking off social justice warriors was probably forced to pander to fat, polyamorous, hipster crowd whose beards harbor mites and whose genitals carry smegma and antibiotic resistance gonorrhea brought back from Thai prostitutes with faces that look like Tyrannosaurus Rex and whose genitals were scaled over like reptilian skin.

Anyways this California iteration of the Deathfest festival that will be held in the crime and hipster infested blight on the map that is Oakland has a better lineup to go see if you are a beer metaller or love mosh, core, fun, and trends. Mosh, core, fun, and trends is what Maryland Deathfest was always about. The service worker organized festival used to book a ton of slam bands on the cheap to fly over a couple early 90s European death metal bands. Then around 2010, the festival organizers saw how big Burning Man, Boneroo, and Vans Warped Tour were and decided to pander to hipsters who didn’t even like metal. They had to get stoner rock bands play so these poseurs could pretend to love metal. This naturally led to a boom and then a massive drop off in attendance. Getting drunk in a parking lot in Baltimore does not appeal to those without Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome related brain damage or liberals who feel sorry for junkies and want to appease their white guilt by drinking with hobos and crustfundies in an encampment of mentally ill junkies. The only reason any Bay Area Hessians should attend this is in order to see Merciless in the United States. Those that do, as in Maryland Deathfest attendees, run the risk of contracting tuberculosis.

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6 thoughts on “Merciless & Sadistic Intent Playing California Deathfest 2017”

  1. Cornrose says:

    My hero!!!

  2. Adult Male says:

    Merciless is playing Chicago with Aura Noir on October 21. Surely a better way to see them instead of this fest.

  3. Covfefe says:

    If I were in the States, the only reasons I would go to that fest would be Sadistic Intent, Mortem and Merciless. The rest are just scene bands. Oh and Samael playing a greatest hits set? Do they even enjoy the music that they write or are they just trying to maintain a brand?

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Samael is playing Ceremony of Opposites in it’s entirety and witnessed this set at mdf 2016 and they butchered it and that album was not all that great to begin with. Blood Ritual was their last worthwhile album. They played nothing off their first 2. Even if you’re a fan of Ceremony you’re most likely be disappointed.

      I live on the east coast and go to mdf every year for the good bands that play even though it’s got a bunch of shit bands, ass clowns and hipsters. Can’t do California though as much as I like to see Merciless, Mortem and Sadistic Intent(the only band added to mdf 2018 that I want to see so far) play. I also have a very deep hatred of the west coast with of course the exception of the few real metalheads I’ve met from there. I know I’ll have more chances to see Mortem and Sadistic Intent, but Merciless are gonna call it quits after 2017 it’s not impossible for me to fly to Chicago to see them, but still a stretch. Hopefully, they add some east coast dates.

  4. Marc Defranco says:

    Mortem are definitely worth the time. One of the few older death metal bands still releasing decent music

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