Nethertale´s Abyssal Throne Out Now!


Abyssal Throne is now in stores. On Monday, May 4th, Nethertale is releasing an average album, a supposed conceptual work of some appeal to mainstream metal fans in the vein of technical wanking death metal, which is accompanied by a soon to be released novel written by its own vocalist. A run-of-the-mill work of a band that will bring more of the same to please the crowds of metal posers. Available now in Tipo stores, Leyenda rock, Pentagram and Loita underground … Surrender to the Commercial Mainstream!

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23 thoughts on “Nethertale´s Abyssal Throne Out Now!”

  1. discodjango says:

    David, why didn’t you give us your own thoughts on this album? You just posted the promotion text.

    This band sounds like The Black Dahlia Murder. Horrible. Please don’t let DMU become another advertising metal blog.

    1. Yet here you are commenting and giving attention to the advertising instead of discussing the album by Exhumation or the one I published a few hours ago by the Mexican black metal band. Great albums, btw.

      1. discodjango says:

        I commented on Exhumation and thanked you for the recommendation.

        Negative feedback is not appreciated? Better to ignore the stuff one doesn’t like and then it will go away on its own? OK then!

        1. Ah, thanks for commenting there!
          There will be one or two more negative reviews, but I’ve decided to do extreme filtering and only feature releases that I think are somehow worthwhile.
          The rest are going to the SMR bin from now on.

          If don’t think you need to ignore what you don’t like, keep voicing your opinion if you think this music is bad. I just wanna make it clear that I am still just warming up and balancing things out.

          In the future, the news will include a lot of stuff the traditional follower of DMU will not like. But better and different editorial articles, analysis, recommendations will keep coming.

          Keep giving us your feedback regarding the reviewed albums.
          Into Oblivion – Disinterred split coming tomorrow, btw. It isn’t that bad.

          1. discodjango says:

            I think It would be a good idea to differentiate between news and the more elaborated articles so the readers won’t be confused.

            I do like your writing and you have my support. I wish I could do more comments, especially on the articles which feature classical music, but as a German I ‘think German’, which makes it hard for me to express my thoughts in English.

          2. Richard Head says:

            His criticism was fair; you posted a promotional blurb instead of a review and that is not going to entice many readers to check into the band. If I had time to sit around and look through random death metal bands just to find that 1/1000 that is worthwhile, then I would, but how would I have time to shitpost on DMU?

            1. Emm, well, this wasn’t meant as a review. You can tell from reading the title. It’s news, not a review.

              1. Richard Head says:

                Fair criticism of my post.

                I counter with this: Is this news or promotion?

                It reads like promotion. There is no guidance in the form of descriptions and comparisons. There is no incentive to check into it. I’m still busy shitposting on DMU, I don’t have time for that.

                1. The only news is that their album is out. :)

                  1. Johannes Climaxus says:

                    I’m sorry, but a first time visitor to this site (which I am not) would have no way of knowing that you’re NOT endorsing this unless they read the comments section.

                    “an absolutely essential album, a conceptual work of majestic, melodic, modern, technical death metal […] An exceptional work of a band that will devastate the land and reclaim its throne from the depths.”

                    If you click the link that says “out now,” there is more than just “news” of a release. I’m not trying to be an asshole, but this is native advertising (, and if that’s what DMU has come to (I understand economics), as a long time fan, I’d at least prefer if you were explicit about it.

                    1. You are right.

                      It has been appropriately edited!

                    2. hypocrite says:


                      Hahaha, fine work. I’m glad the differentiation has been made.

                    3. ;)

                      Frankly, it really slipped by. Posting news is more of a duty. It was careless of me. Thanks for pointing it out emphatically.

      2. BB says:

        All these copy/pastes of promo stuff obscure the quality articles.

        1. Yes, they do, Captain Obvious.

          If you want to read the articles, you can bookmark this link:

          1. BB says:

            Then I would have missed the Luciferian Rites review. What I heard of the album is worth following up on indeed.

            Obviously, I should have written:

            All these copy/pastes of promo stuff obscure the quality.

  2. Daniel says:

    Way too fucking clean and awful vox.

    1. I agree.
      what do you think of Luciferian Rites, though?

      1. Daniel says:

        I just listened to the preview track. This is the strongest 2015 material so far. I need to purchase the full album of course.

  3. Greg Muscles Bartolo says:

    DAVID you should probably take a break from DMU, let’s say for a year or two. Next, think if you should join Metalinjection on a permanent basis.

  4. Daniel says:

    I haven’t listened yet. Review Gridlink’s Longhena. That definitely had the most good riffs of 2014. ANUS liked the earlier albums too so I am surprised it wasn’t reviewed already

    1. Good riffs does not imply good music.
      That’s one of the maladies of common metalheads.
      That’s why we have so much mediocre metal. The riff by itself does not make the music.

      1. Daniel says:

        It’s a strong album from Takafumi Matsubara and company. I meant good riffs that as comparison to most of the other “highly praised” metal to come last year, which lacked them.

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