New Burzum: unimpressive

Now that preorders are in and has posted samples of Burzum’s new work Belus, we can confidently reveal a verdict:

It does sound more like Venom. Dumbed down, that is. Too often vocals hit the same emphasis beats as the guitars and drums follow them around like a younger brother with Down’s syndrome. Obvious riffs are obvious. Wish we could hear the songs develop, but from what’s come out so far… maybe it’s time to put our heads under the covers and remember old Burzum instead.

The shorter tracks sound like he’s trying to do Filosofem as if crafted by a combination between Drudkh and later Destruction. This is very straightforward and without subtlety. Longer tracks sound like a re-interpretation in dumbed-down form of the older material. I never thought I’d see the day Burzum made a Cold Lake, but at least Cold Lake was good Megadeth-inspired heavy metal.

This is just dross.

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  1. Dylar says:

    The best that can be said at this point is that there have always been “obvious” moments in Burzum’s music – that obviousness only becomes an unraveling skein in context. If all I’d heard of Hvis lyset tar oss was a randomly selected 30 second snippet from each song, I’d be inclined to think it was crap, too.

    But no, no this doesn’t seem terribly promising at the moment.

  2. nunc says:

    compared to the pile of shit "Engram" that the DLA slobbered over so much, this sounds like Beethoven.

  3. TheWaters says:

    Ill hold my opinion until the album is released and ive listened to it 100 times. Of course alot of these songs are simply songs that have been reworked from older material are they not? The intro is horrible though. What is that sound, the dropping of a spray can?

  4. barrwolf says:

    I agree that it’s hard to tell due to the leaks just being 30 second snippets…
    That said, the rock riffs are not so great.

    I pre-ordered it just to play it safe.

  5. Xr says:

    An iconic nod to those thousands of corny eastern european NSBM bands, conceptually.

    How these snippets translate into actual songs remains to be heard; somehow these seem to point to Immortal’s last effort: trademark-ish, deliberately old school, all previous material put into one stew, unoriginal.

  6. Flanky says:

    Hmm. I don’t want to listen to the samples yet so they won’t impact my first listen when I get the CD. I’m not sure if I should let this worry me or not.

    That said, I want to ask the author of this article: have you heard a leaked version of the album yet? Because if you are seriously calling an album "dross" by listening to 30-second song samples, without knowing, much less contemplating the structure and movement of the songs, then maybe you ought to be listening to Drudkh anyway. Just saying.

  7. ffffffff says:

    “Cold Lake was good Megadeth-inspired heavy metal.”

    lol. what.

  8. wEEman33 says:

    I’ll wait until I hear more than some 30 second clips before completely shutting this album down.

  9. EJA says:

    The last thing I expected from the album was RNR like the ‘Sverddans’ song.

  10. Cargast says:

    “at least Cold Lake was good Megadeth-inspired heavy metal”

    PHEW. I thought this was a serious article, at first.

    Sverddans is an Uruk-Hai track, apparently, which explains its… Terrible-ness.

  11. Anthony says:

    Come on guys, imagine if all you heard of Hviss Lyset Tar Oss was the first thirty seconds of "Inn I Slottet Fra Dr

  12. Cargast says:

    Anthony, War is one of the best Burzum tracks ever. What the fuck’s wrong with you?

  13. Xr says:

    Yeah, this is 2010. I want 1994 back. No daft internet fora, no amazon, no world wide web underground. No fucking opinions. ;)

  14. Anthony says:

    THIS IS HUH WOW dunanunanunanuna nuh-nuh-nuh-nunah

  15. Adrian McCoy says:

    As usual, you guys show how really closed minded you are…You bitch about the bands that rock, yet spend no time dissing the bands that don’t like Korn and Slipknot…

    Most of the records that you review are not even that bad, as this new Bruzum has proven to be a pretty good effort to me thus sofar…

    You cry over metal like a child cries over ice cream…GET A LIFE ALREADY!!!

    Metal doesn’t need elitist fucktards like you people…


  16. Adrian McCock says:

    Please disregard my last comment. I suck cocks.

  17. Xr says:

    obvious troll is boring

  18. H.S. says:

    “Now that the 30 second clips are in….”

    I expect a higher standard of judgment from these place.

  19. Richard says:

    This Adrian guy needs to be banned; he doesn’t understand that bands like Pantera and Cannibal Corpse do far more damage than Korn or Slipknot as they fool people into thinking they’re listening to quality metal when they are not. Nu-metal is utterly unimportant to anyone who listens to quality death and black metal, but Cannibal Corpse are the Korn of death metal; crude music aimed at young teenagers who wear their tastes on their sleeve so as to function as a social crutch. Anyone who listens to Korn beyond the age of 14 is probably never going to listen to good metal, but people who do get into death metal can easily get stuck on Cannibal Corpse and other lowest common denominatior music and never move onto the really high quality death metal that it worthy of their time.

    “You cry over metal like a child cries over ice cream

  20. alfro says:


  21. EJA says:


    and awaiting the rest of the album, all while breathing trough my nose.

  22. Xr says:

    Maybe he should record an album in ALL CAPS.

  23. Someone says:

    Although I trust the intuition of the ANUS writers, whatever happened to listening to music for its structure? Instead this album has been knocked because of the cover, the logo, the production, the so-called “rock riffs,” without even hearing the way the songs unfold. That said, I have a bad feeling about this new one.

  24. alfro says:

    I think we all expected something better, because when one appreciates Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, only to hear the first thirty seconds you already feel apprehensive towards this combination of instruments that could easily take us from one place to another (as in all albums earlier, in greater or lesser extent), so I say that in this “new” material I could not feel what before had caused me Burzum at all, even when I plugged my headphones to try to appreciate all the sounds and atmosphere possible, my favorite band is now dead.

  25. Cargast says:

    This experiment in sheep-baiting is turning out to be magnificent. Well done, ANUS.

    Hails to the mighty King of the Trolls!

  26. Xr says:

    I always wondered why ANUS implemented an interactive blog. As if anybody here gave a shit about opinion. ;)

    Am I an idjit or do snippets 2 and 4 sound just like Enslaved?

  27. deadite says:

    “Maybe he should record an album in ALL CAPS.”

    Hah! Trolling the trolls, indeed.

  28. Anthony says:

    “Am I an idjit or do snippets 2 and 4 sound just like Enslaved?”

    No, they kinda do. Some of it reminds me of early Gorgoroth as well.

  29. wat says:

    i wonders if anus is gonna tells us how tehy feel about immolation’s new album, becuz i cant seam to deside for myself if i liek it or not :L

  30. lol says:

    I think the ANUS is staff is still butthurt about the, drama.

  31. milmashtia says:

    “Metal doesn

  32. Omni says:

    The intro sounds like shit and "Sverddans" sounds like a Root song. The other songs mostly sound like old Burzum, which is what Varg said they would sound like for years. You can’t possibly know whether or not the songs have any narrative power from samples this short.

    The comment about Cold Lake makes me suspect that this isn’t a 100% serious entry.

  33. the_spine says:

    lawl at forming opinions based on 30 second tracks. Your head is far up the ANUS indeed!

  34. ... says:

    This site shut be shut down and the staff should be impaled from the A.N.U.S. to the mouth.

  35. multicide says:

    People complain about judging an album due to samples, but I was able to make accurate judgments on albums by listening to the samples on ANUS. Check out the Burzum samples on here and compare them to Belus’ and you’ll be completely disappointed. This album’s gonna blow.

  36. multicide says:

    A lot of these songs sound completely norsecore or something a later Fenriz project would attempt today. Sverddans is completely ridiculous.

  37. Eric Syre says:

    You couldn’t tell much from 30 seconds samples of Filosofem either, now could you? Yet, from what I heard, the vocals sounds like the low point on this new album: a more generic snarl which was heard on countless other albums before.

    I’ll wait for the album to come out and have a few listens before commenting any further. Something we should all do.

  38. Well, Belus has been leaked and it proves that this shit analysis gay samples fails. there’s no way you could tell that the sample of ‘Belus Doed’ was a development of a riff from Daudi Baldrs.

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