Open-minded means indecisive

Sam Dunn gets browbeaten by his producers, who want more money through more accessibility:

Dunn: One that really stands out to me was nu-metal, which emerged in the ’90s and was this subgenre that explored hip-hop and included turntables. Guys in bands like KORN and LIMP BIZKIT and LINKIN PARK didn’t look metal. And I honestly despised these bands at the time. But in doing the episode, I learned there was some value in what those bands brought to the genre because it tested the boundaries of heavy metal. Part of the charm of metal is the musicians’ and fans’ commitment to the music and the sense of community. But the downside is that can become pretty exclusive and even elitist at times. The nu- metal episode made me realize adding a seven-string guitar and bringing metal back to some sense of groove — which it really hadn’t had since LED ZEPPELIN in the ’70s — maybe wasn’t such a bad thing. Just because I’m a crusty, thrash-loving metalhead from the ’80s doesn’t mean I can tell LINKIN PARK fans their music isn’t important. – Blabbermouth

There’s a good reason metal left those things behind: they belong to rock.

Rock is a broad, accepting, really indistinct thing. It’s an amalgam of folk, country and other popular musics derived from them. It distills them to the absolute basics and removes all meaningful musicality through use of the key-neutral pentatonic scale.

Rock assimilates things. It makes them into an average, a mundane norm. For all of its bluster about accepting those who are different, it doesn’t like different — if it deviates from the lowest common denominator, crowd-pandering, simplistic music.

Metal was a breath of fresh air.

Dunn’s purpose seems to be (and this is quite intelligent of him) to group all of the newer music into nu-metal, which is accurate. Nu-metal is metal with swing, basically inherited from angry hip-hop. His point is that even if it’s underground, if it’s metalcore or indie-metal, it’s numu.

And that’s a lesson we can all use.

52 thoughts on “Open-minded means indecisive”

  1. Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base_ment says:

    This dude defined it well a long time ago:


  2. Objective Truth says:

    Oh my god you’re a fucking idiot.

    “Durrr those belong to rock”

    NO. Those nu-metal bands were a lot fucking heWho the fuck avier and more aggressive and more “metal” than Iron Gayden or even Morbid Anus. No matter how much you try to twist words or justify it, it has the METAL sound. Metal isn’t defined by absence of pentatonic scales (on the contrary), or super complicated compositions (and if it is, why the fuck don’t you write about Power Metal). You are a biased faggot.

    I’m glad to see that you’re promoting ideas like Sam Dunn’s though, such as the one where he said the metal nerd-dom is full of elitism and exclusivity. Perfectly portrayed by you, and every blogpost on this site which, no matter what it’s about, always has a negative, hostile, victimized tone.

  3. Hear what you want 'cause an aspie is free, you are an aspie! says:

    >His point is that even if it’s underground, if it’s metalcore or indie-metal, it’s numu.

    That’s not what he said at all.

  4. Remco @ Your're and Aspie Guy says:

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  5. Remco says:

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  6. Kontinual says:

    Dunn’s work reinforces an incorrect and mainstream view of metal music that targets people involved in metal, people that might genuinely want to be involved in metal and people who think they are involved in metal, audience and musicians alike.

    His interpretation of metal resonates with the inexperienced, the poser and the hipster more than it does with the Hessian; and because it opens room for metal-flavored rock to be seen as a part of metal’s family tree it preserves the idea that anything within the rock family that might use metal instrumentation or methodology is part of metal’s history, regardless of the quality of the music or the purpose it served or may serve. His interpretation of the genealogy of metal is noxious to the genre.


  7. lol @ quoting aspies on the forum says:

    >incorrect and mainstream view of metal music

    Yeah dude, and of course your view shared by 12 other aspies worldwide who browse the forum is the correct one. What a joke.

    >His interpretation of metal resonates with the inexperienced, the poser and the hipster

    And yet he is neither of the three. Metal still is, and always has been a form of rock. You can never get away from this, no matter how much reductionism your autistic brain employs.

  8. P.S. says:

    It’s called nu-METAL for a reason, dumbfuck.

  9. lol @ fallacy says:

    12? You must not get out much.

    And of course, its only correct if lots of people are doing it! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  10. yup says:

    The “Hessian”/aspie doesn’t even represent 1% of metal’s fandom. Of course their stupid opinions should be ignored.

  11. my mind is full of fuck says:

    >12? You must not get out much.

    What would getting out have to do with knowing how many internet-dwelling aspies like you there are?

  12. @ logical fallcy says:

    I’m pretty sure a fandom would have a good grip of what they like and what’s what in their pastime of choice. Moreso than a bunch of internet dweebs pretending to be arbiters of that thing. This isn’t science where there’s some objective truth you’re trying to discover something that already exists, it’s a group phenomenon where the consensus categorizes and defines the product.

  13. True Believer says:

    I hope he also covers the whole ’90s metal thing, all those bands that were heavy and badass and down to earth. Just no-bullshit heavy music like Sepultura, Crowbar, Helmet, Pantera, Down, Rammstein, Fear Factory, Machine Head, Madball, and all things related from many different scenes (metal, hardcore, industrial) that helped shape that timeless sound. That’s what nu-metal grew out of too. Even the old metal bands like Overkill, Kreator, Death Angel and Testament adapted this sound back into their own to put out some real quality, banging stuff. But none of you fuckwits would know anything about that with your restricted view on metal, nevermind music, or the world.

  14. @ Hesspies says:

    If the mainstream public associated metal with your conception of it, metal would be even more of an embarrassment than it already is.

  15. haha says:

    I admire your ability to post like 5 comments in such a short amount of time, but you look better with my balls between your eyes where the nad sweat can run into the corners of your eyes and sting them.

    >not objective
    of course. in this world we would like to believe nothing is true and everything is permitted. you would have an anxiety attack if this wasnt the case, you limpwristed faggot. they should banish everyone who even resembles you to san fransisco where you can rot to death on heroin.

  16. @ haha says:

    Hey, here’s an objective fact for you: You are a faggot. I know that much is true.

  17. gumby says:

    >banish everyone who even resembles you to san fransisco

    Oh wow, what a punishment.

    Sure beats banishment to Tex-ass, source of the worst American stereotypes.

  18. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    The only 90s bands that were truly relevant were Blasphemy, Beherit and the mighty CONQUEROR. The bestial sound was so devastating that whenever a mallcore poser listened to it, they shat their pants by the aural feel of pure DARKNESS AND EVIL.

    The most OMINOUS track of the 90s:

  19. gtfo says:

    >those bands

    No one’s ever even heard of that shit, shut the fuck up, kid.

  20. lol @ Canadians says:

    Also that track sucked balls, I liked it better when Immortal did it a million times better.

  21. Your brains are flawed says:

    Also, the headline should read: “Open-minded means illuminated”. If anything Sam Dunn’s story is that he approached the subject with skepticism but in the end came to a realization about it.

  22. Remco @ True Believer says:

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  23. @ gtfo says:

    >those bands

    No one’s ever even heard of that shit, shut the fuck up, kid.

    > from the guy that thinks that slurping on jizz is good

    > Aspie no no no, I hit you with my purse, I HIT YOU for being an Aspie..

  24. @ Remco says:

    I think you better try brutal slayer, he’s more into that stuff, just look at pictures of the stuff he enjoys:

  25. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Shut up you petulant little oaf, so what if some poser faggots have never heard of the mighty works of the aforementioned bands? It doesn’t change the feeling of sheer terror emitted in aural form through a devastating sonic assault. Maybe you’re just a faggot liberal who does understand the mighty archaic values the music embodies. Try to find this book and enlighten yourself on the philosophy of Conqueror and Revenge:


  26. suck my balls says:

    As if nu-metal wasn’t overexposed enough in the “Get Thrashed” documentary. It’s not like that many people are gonna start giving a shit about nu-metal again apart from some Iraq veterans and gas station attendants. If Sam Dunn was a commercial genius he would have done a documentary about the emo scene and came out as a homosexual at the same time. Behind his Iron Maiden and Slayer t-shirts Sam Dunn is an emo faggot anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if he grew up in a hippie commune and his real name is ‘Serenity Dandelion’ or something.

  27. Levy_Spearmen says:

    “Inspired by the Beatles, Quorthon at first made music in the style of Venom and Slayer but here branched into his own style, putting nihilistic riffing into grander song structure that approaches post-rock complexity and often achieves it.”

    What does “post-rock complexity” encompass? Is that any musical competence past the golden years of pop music after WWII, starting around prog-rock bands like King Crimson or Frank Zappa? I don’t know much prog-rock, so perhaps it is even earlier then them?

  28. @suck my balls says:

    suck my balls? Only a faggot would name himself that.

  29. Mastodon guy says:

    Nu metal sucks and all the proto-industrial shit before it did too.

  30. relevant says:

    Read the lyrics to this song. What do they mean to you?

  31. ggg says:

    Since when has Batlord ever been complex? Let alone as complex as Gentle Giant or some of the Zeuhl shit that’s been posted here by that one guy.

    Also, prog-rock != post-rock. Also, what a fucking irrelevant question. "Durrr, who made the most complex music first", if you’re talking about popular music, who the fuck knows or cares.

  32. Remco @ ggg says:

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  33. fuck you says:

    Korn is way better and heavier than faggot aspie bands like Burzum and Gorguts. You queers just don’t get it.

  34. @ fuck you says:

    i fuck you, I Fuck you in the ass… I FUCK YOU IN THE ASS NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! FAGGOT imbecile!

  35. fuck you, "fuck you" says:

    Yeah “fuck you”, just shut the fuck up.

  36. anal penetration guy says:

    KoRn and Drowning Pool are two of the heaviest bands around, they are far superior to the faggot sounds of Borezum and Morbid Anal. And I will anally penetrate you until you bleed so I can give you AIDS if you disagree.

  37. name says:

    When I lived in Montreal I saw Negativa live just after their album came out. I managed to talk to Luc Lemay outside the venue after the show, and one of the questions I asked him was what inspired the radical shift in sound from the more standard The Erosion of Sanity to Obscura. He told me he was trying something new, but it he was also inspired by new sounds in the music scene at the time. Curious as to what he meant, I pressed him on this, and he told me his biggest inspiration was Korn’s first and second albums. He said that when he heard them, it was like something in him said “that’s the sound we’re going for”. True story.

  38. fuck you says:

    Gonna remember this one whenever some aspie fag tries to say that Korn wasn’t an amazing, influential band. Now if only Burzum would admit his Limp Bizkit influence we would really be getting somewhere.

  39. @name says:

    was that before or after you ate his butt-hole while giving him a reach around?

  40. translating 41 comments says:

    someone just summed up why my hobby sucks n now im fucken pissed

  41. Mantits and enemas says:

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  43. Morbid Anus is for aspies flailing around in life says:

    Remember The Hurt Locker, one of the most badass war movies of all time, about a bomb squad adrenalin junkie? Watch the credit sequence.

    There’s a reason they used militaristic, grooving industrial-metal for this scene and not some spastic death metal shit, black metal or some other blastbeat laden explosion of diarrhea. It’s because this is badass, unlike that other shit you pussies hang on to.

  44. Neckbeard Voda says:

    What kind of faggot thinks the hurt locker is one of the most badass war movies of all time?

  45. Noble hessian deshin feshin, neshing beshing of reshin' says:


  46. couldn't think of a name joke today says:

    Hurt Locker is actually war propaganda (see : ) but from a left-wing perspective that puts the emphasis on the “peace corps” side rather than on “badassery” – not that it makes much difference anyway.

  47. Anonymous says:

    >purports to post something radically different from suffocation-style rhythmic pounding
    >Psycroptic – Scepter of the Ancients


    How about this:

  48. @Anonymous says:

    woah sounds like smooth criminal by michael jackson with flutes! i love it<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  49. lol says:

    you really think Psycroptic is that similar to Suffocation?

    i could see where your coming from if you’re new and can’t quite get past the blast beats and vocals to analyze the guitar parts.. i was there once. this band may have the same cryptic narrative structures, but uses much more modernized technique much like Deeds of Flesh as of late, but a ton more appealing to me for some reason. sadly, everything after their first two albums is metalcore and fails to keep me interested.

    here’s another:

    this is serious business. i dont think this album has been given a chance.

  50. whatever says:

    If you’re splitting hairs to the point where you subcategorize Psycropic and Suffocation as being vastly different in style, sorry to say i t but you are an aspie. Spawn of Possession is also very similar to me – percussive, atonal, spastic, chuggy, start-stop riffing etc. just like Pierced from Within. I like all three bands, and then again Suffocation pioneered a whole bunch of things in death metal so you can trace back tech-death and brutal death to their sound.

    No biggie, whatever, I don’t give a fuck, Deeds of Flesh blows and Psycroptic is better yeah but whatever, I have better metal to listen to like this:

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