PayPal No-Platforms Moribund Records For Satanic Beliefs

Uppity hipster Big Tech monolith PayPal recently informed Moribund Records that PayPal would be restricting its account for content-related violations. Moribund writes:

Like thousands of business now, we are not accepting PayPal. We apologize for the inconvenience; we do still accept all major credit cards, western union and other forms of payment! ‘Due to the nature of activities’ on our website (not our web-store), PayPal has permanently restricted our business account. We were given no options to correct this issue; we may safely assume that this arbitrary action is based on our affiliation with the Church of Satan and our evocation of the right to free-speech, which we’ve championed for, through production and publication of Satanic Heavy Metal. We take such unethical business practices very seriously and will no longer be supporting PayPal as a result of their policies and practices. As a Satanist owned and operated business, we will not cater to, nor will we continue to engage with companies or individuals that compromise our freedoms, integrity and/or the security and confidence of our customers.

In other words, this de-platforming — previously on reserved for alt-right sites — targets Moribund Records for its use of free speech to discuss its viewpoint which includes some form of Church of Satan and heavy metal related notions. Since it is a heavy metal record label, and most of these bands are at least friendly with occult imagery, it seems natural for Moribund to have this content.

Like every bourgeois shopkeeper or kindergarten teacher, PayPal wants to make the internet into a safe and sanitized place so that commercial sheep can shop without running into any off-mainstream messages. This destroys the utility of internet for anything but commerce, and supports the political dogma of our age in order to avoid controversy.

Through actions like this, Big Tech businesses like PayPal are destroying what made the internet great, which was the ability to see all options and choose the right one. Now it is as filtered as daytime television was in the 1980s. We have no idea who will be next on the chopping block; perhaps it is alt-righters yesterday, Satanists today, and tomorrow… you!

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12 thoughts on “PayPal No-Platforms Moribund Records For Satanic Beliefs”

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    I’m not sure it’s so much about satanism than it is potentially selling albums that don’t follow the “correct” political views

    1. Then why aren’t other companies having the same problem? Moribund doesn’t strike me as having excessive amounts of NSBM, and they follow a Jewish guy who worships Satan, so…

  2. canadaspaceman says:

    Paypal has been screwing over a lot of people for many years,(for example, holding onto their funds) and now the faggot Jewish owner has made enough money, he can decide who is “allowed” to use the service.
    That is ok, as maybe others will see it IS NOT the only way to pay for purchases online. Plus not get ripped off on currency conversions.

    1. Anyone know of a list of good alternatives? Preferably without Google or Facebook involved.

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        Why not just use a credit card? If I don’t get a package or the tracking number as proof it was sent, then credit card companies get your money back easier than Paypal, especially if the credit card is attached to your bank / local branch.
        A lot of banks now also offer you can transfer money online by email, so you don’t even have to go in person to buy certified cheques to snail mail out, and don’t have to visit the post office or Western Union to buy money orders.
        Yes, there are alternative websites to Paypal, but I am not publicly endorsing any of them in case they turn into the same kind of weasels. Google that shit if you really need it.

        1. That’s sort of the problem. Everything on the Silicon Valley internet is suspect. The only other option are the Chinese, who at least let you know in advance what will get you banned or shot in the back of the head.

  3. Thewaters says:

    Moribund records? Really? Im for paypal de platforming all metal sites so we can gey back to tape trading and word of mouth. Metal is becoming dangerous again, at least it is percieved to be, and we should celebrate that.

    1. I hope so. I do not have the worship of the old days, however, mainly because the gear is hard to find now. Back then every self-respecting stereo owner had a dual tape deck. Now? We all have MP3s. I think there’s a huge market for underground metal radio if someone can find enough bands that are not crap to put together a good broadcast once a month. Metal is dangerous because it is metapolitics, namely those of the restoration of the masculine, atavistic European spirit which seeks to conquer the weak and raise quality across the globe in a trail of blood. The Left fears us because unless everyone is a neutered Apple-using soyboi, Leftists look pretty stupid when a real man comes into the room and all the girls get moist and chase him with their eyes. Faggot “conservatives” like Angela Merkel fear us because we point out that conservatives are fucking morons and the only reason people like them is that the Left are both stupid and evil.

  4. chillfully thus far says:

    Moribund admit they ASSUME the decision was based on their “satanic beliefs” because like all satanic snowflakes they have a massive persecution complex about their passion for Christianity fanfiction-themed liberal-individualist hokum. But it’s much more likely the ban is because they might have been accused of putting out some stuff by some bands who may or may not flirt with NS.

    It’s a little annoying for us physical mediafags, but if anything this site should be celebrating metal slowly being pushed back to the margins of society. If you can’t buy something on amazon/discogs, or if you can only buy it by sending well concealed cash in a letter like in the old days, then it’s too “fringe” and “scary” for the average consumer sheep idiot and they’ll stay out altogether. Major tech companies deplatforming metal will accelerate the destruction of metal’s gold star participation award culture. Death -> rebirth.

    1. They probably got an inkling from their previous interactions with GayPal. They’re starting to crack down on all sorts of stuff. Like the rest of the Silicon Alley numales, they want to make a safe space with no Islamic jihad, white nationalism, and race realism but also want to take out the pranksters, trolls, and malcontents who have no particular orientation. Satanism is inherently against the collective and the universal, so it’s on the list. Otherwise, Moribund does not seem to stock all that many NS bands and the ones they do are so “esoterick” that it’s hard to tell they are NS unless you can decipher all of the homosexual Arno Breker worship and runes spelling out Erasure lyrics.

  5. MP says:

    If labels and bands start throwing up a crypto address and ordering instructions I’ll be happy to oblige.

    1. Get those postal money orders out and hope the new third world and soy hipster USPS doesn’t jack your shit en route to the destination. Might as well get the lube ready as well, just like Mitt Romney you can be prelubricated in case of accidental rape and then congratulate yourself on low degrees of flesh tearing. Mitt also puts kneepads in his trousers so he can welcome Sheldon Adelson by tasting his fishy prostate.

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