Apparently there is a magic character out there that slays Apple devices. When trying to parse it, they become as confused as a voter analyzing policy or the average person contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos. Similarly, the Apple devices freeze, then crash, which allows a hostile attacker to do whatever they want.

All concepts are harmless until the point where we cannot parse them, at which point the world becomes a threatening mystery again. What if, instead, following in the path of quantum physics, the mystery is not finite but instead forms the very basis of the universe, a type of unlimited topography that expands with focused thought and action?

This question is addressed by the newest issue of Protervitas zine, which tackles the ancient mysteries that persist into modernity by looking at the pattern order of human consciousness. It brings terror and light. Also a fair amount of metal and metal-inspired thinking.

Oh, and don’t look at this post on an Apple device. LOL

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32 thoughts on “జ్ఞ‌ా”

  1. Average Joe says:

    My neighbor’s fancy $1,000 Apple phone froze and crashed last week. And when that isn’t happening, I notice Apple users lose their expensive phones, drop them in water, or crack the screens more than the users of any other phone. Probably times a multiple of five or more. Maybe people who use the really expensive Apple phones are just stupid.

  2. Jerry Hauppa says:

    My Iphone crashed while on this site 2 days ago, and now it’s frozen at the apple logo. I have the option to restore it, which will make me lose everything on it.

    1. Gimme my NWN and trannies! says:

      Apple is trying to turn you into a tranny.

    2. Jenkaholic says:

      This site serves malicious ads on mobile, I get randomly redirected to scam sites but only on my Android. U prolly got an e-worm or computer virus infection.

  3. Daniel Maarat says:

    This looks like a U2 album.

  4. Dispirited says:

    “LOL.” Death Metal dot Org spouting some Deepak Chopra style new age woo nonsense. Also, a fair amount of bullshit and childish magical thinking for idiots. Oh and don’t look at this post cause your IQ will drop significantly… “LOL.”

    1. ass bologna says:


      I tip my trilby in your general direction, fellow euphoric Skeptic gentlesir

  5. Brock Dorsey says:



  6. fashy bowlcut says:

    My BlackBerry never crashes but people still act like it’s a weird choice of smartphone

  7. JohnnyReb says:

    I’ve had the same iphone for 3 years. Maybe I’m lucky.

    1. fashy bowlcut says:

      I used a 4th gen iphone for a few years, and it was a hand-me-down, and has since been handed down again and is still working fine

      Seems like the trick is to make the early models relatively dependable and then let the later models ride those coat tails while suffering from feature bloat

      1. JohnnyReb says:

        And don’t watch porn.

        1. forced to twerk says:

          Nofap 4 lyfe brother, i’m literally drowning in pussy anyway

  8. Only telepathy is real says:

    Fones are for fags.

  9. Sardonic Webmaster says:

    The new wave of shitposting turds need to turn off Brett’s access to this retarded tire fire of a blog so we don’t have this bizarre nonsense interrupting the constant stream of horrible takes I crave.

  10. cdsfGzfg says:

    more edgelord “society sux we r teh elite!!” drivel from young adults who grew up in emotionally distant, if not outright broken, families. younger, impressionable readers take note: there is nothing to gain from filling your heart with blackness and letting your mind race with bitter thoughts. surround yourself with loving, honest, functional ppl who value life. love your family even if you dont see eye to eye. live a well rounded life with an eye towards personal growth and dont fret too much about the machinations of forces outside your control, but remain aware of them. find a faithful tranny who is willing to worship your cock and your cock alone. this is how you save the world, not by swaying the minds of other malcontents on the internet one way or another. i wonder how prozak will look back upon his ‘activism’ on his deathbed…

  11. script kiddie says:

    apple sux. but i wonder what brett thinks of android, given its basis in FOSS and linux (which he hates on principal), the zero quality control in google app store and compatibility issues with different hardware and android versions, the proprietary uninstallable junk every android phone manufacturer preloads in their product, and the fact that you can’t create a hello world application in android studio without a few extra MBs of boilerplate junk.

    1. Ive got 7 billion problems, but Apple aint one says:

      Most don`t even want to think about Android, given how much cognitive dissonance it creates. The only tech that matters is of military, or waste disposal nature anyway.

  12. Deport All Hipsters says:

    I ban all Apple users from my websites. It stops most of the dumb comments.

    1. ass bologna says:

      Actually it’s the fact you don’t get any views or comments in the first place that results in no dumb comments

    2. Apple=dumb.. you must be an apple user then? Hard to believe how hipsters still dontbelieve that there’s the side of self dispore in everything you say or even dont.. the paradox of saying something opposite exactly reveals the opposite of it identifirs the hipster. Judging content solely by a brand thats used to make content is not only identifying you as a hipster but even more so as acompletely dumbass… deport yourself then you fuck

  13. Smartphones are chimp status symbols. I can drop my flip phone as many times as I want and it still works. I go home and use the computer if computation is needed. Whats the fucking problem?

    1. Millennial who is cooler than you says:

      Lol I bet you don’t even know what Snapchat is..

    2. Gladius et Scutum says:

      Pretty much. It is interesting how enslaved people are to their smartphones. I rarely even take my flip phone with me when I leave the house. People are horrified. “What about emergencies?” What about them? I always have a gun and a knife on my person, plus wallet with money & CCs as well as some basic survival gear in my car. One wonders how our ancestors, accurately depicted in Iron Maiden’s ‘Quest for Fire,’ were able to survive without Apple and Google monitoring and analyzing their every move.

      1. Bay Area Cargo Pants and Manpure Cult says:

        Post your emergency daily carry pocket dildo collection.

        1. Gladius et Scutum says:

          Catty remarks are so hetro and manly.

          1. Mutual Assertion of Dominance says:

            Only when in the gym shower with the bros.

      2. forced to twerk says:

        I take a phone with me everywhere because “what about emergencies?” means people might have an emergency and need my help, but I guess it’s cool if you are not reliable enough to have anyone depending on you in case of a crisis

        1. Ice Cold MOFO says:

          We got government services for that. I bet you help out strangers in need too, fag.

    3. Imperfection Will Not Be Tolerated says:

      Not being able to hold your things between your sausage fingers is also a simian trait, you ditzy mongoloid.

  14. Autism says:

    Please refer to my name.

    1. Captain Cyanide says:

      They got a pill for that.

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