Azazel – Witches Deny Holy Trinity (2015)

Azazel – Witches Deny Holy Trinity (2015)
Werewolf Records

Black metal finally clarified traditionalism for me. There is an inner spirit to things, like a shape that unifies form, and then there is an outer appearance, which is more like material properties and methods. The inner spirit is how you assemble your mind to understand something and roughly how it fits into the broader pattern of the universe.

Few people know what made black metal great. They look at outer properties, like having lots of riffs, the vocals, the imagery, the distortion and bad production, the rhythms, and certain modes and techniques. That is not actually black metal. Black metal is the journey told by each song and how it relates to a spirit in approaching the world, and it cannot be emulated.

This album reminds me of late hardcore. All the riffs are there, the right patterns, and the associated production, imagery, and vocals. It is pleasant enough to listen to in the background and if nostalgia is important to you, it scratches that black metal itch. Many of the riffs are creative and interesting. The problem is that the songs do not add up to much.

That is, each song is derived from the form instead of the spirit. To make black metal, you have to first find the spirit and then see what it suggests, and conjure up a song to present that. That is a two part process: first an art, and second more of a technical task of finding riffs and rhythms to get us to the point where that moment is shocking and insightful.

Think about the classics of black metal. Each song was like a story. It started out someplace, and then patterns kept re-appearing, but they gained something in each repetition, and then the song led to a peak. That peak was expression of the spirit through contrast in riff phrases. That is what delivered the black metal eureka moment.

Azazel gives us none of that. Instead, it sounds like a local band who are there to play in the background at a favorite pub. You basically hear sonic wallpaper that strongly signals black metal, and every now and then you pick up a cool riff or pairing of rhythms. Songs cycle through verse and chorus with a few theatric interruptions that relate to nothing in particular.

I am not saying that black metal has to have ideology. Quite the opposite… ideology is an outer method. Black metal has an understanding of the world that occurs below the level of articulation, so something more like what is uncovered through meditation or being out in the woods. You feel, but your feeling is logical, and focuses on something distinct.

There were lots of bands like this back in the day. Except for record collectors looking for “diamonds in the rough,” a phrase that usually means adjusting our standards downward, no one remembers them. They expressed nothing. There was no spirit comprised of inner ideas, which as the glimpses of profundity one finds in philosophy and art. There was only method.

Witches Deny Holy Trinity nails the outer methods better than the original bands. This is 100% consistent, balls-out black metal with energetic violence. Much of it shows musical talent. For those who want to relive the diehard experience, this provides a good option, but it is not black metal.

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13 thoughts on “Azazel – Witches Deny Holy Trinity (2015)”

  1. Autist assassinator in training says:

    “There is an inner spirit to things, like a shape that unifies form, and then there is an outer appearance, which is more like material properties and methods. The inner spirit is how you assemble your mind to understand something and roughly how it fits into the broader pattern of the universe.”

    This is mumbo-jumbo talk.

    If the inner spirit of my pen is its shape (which is itself dubious), then how is this same inner spirit “how I assemble my mind to understand something’? The latter seems to be a process, while a shape is not a process…

    Do enlighten us mere plebeians, Herr Stevens.

    1. Is the form the design of the object, or the spirit of it achieving its end notably? Some pens have more spirit than others. One particular M600 that I use clearly outperforms the rest.

      1. DIOGENESE GANG says:

        BS. The internet was not designed for shopping or blogging but these uses far outstep in significance and impact the application that the internet was actually made for. The same is true of all objects especially pens whose evolution was absolutely cumulative history of accidental discoveries which led to unintended uses.

        1. The form of a pen is the line on a page. It thus joins earlier technologies in a continuity.

      2. Autist assassinator in training says:

        Thank you for your response, Brett.

        Blew my mind. I have now quit my job and joined the Brotherhood of Holy Cult Enigma and plan also to fight for ISIS at the next available opportunity.

        1. Read more Guenon, Evola, Plato, and Nietzsche ;)

          1. DIOGENESE GANG says:

            Prime BS vendors except Nietzsche.

            1. You deny Plato? Boxcar to Poland!

              1. DIOGENESE GANG says:

                You’d think from reading Republic that he knew a thing or two but his shot at Sicily was a remarkable failure. He was just a nerd who mistook the memory heuristic of patterns (and narratives) for the truth using the strength of his broad shoulders to support all of his bullshit. Clearly diogenes, a man who led a life actually doing shit because he was a poor nigga and slave had a ton of fun at the dorks expense. In today’s world Plato would be from silicone valley brandishing spreadsheets that couldn’t predict what he would eat for lunch; let alone determine policy that is anything but disastrous.

  2. 50 lihapiirakkaa says:

    In retrospect it’s funny you mention the album reminds you of hardcore, as Satanachia famously has been recorded saying how he hates the genre.

    Mitäs sä muuten tykkäät Gravesta?

    1. Deflection, it happens.

      1. Humble Fuckboy says:

        If you mean his interview in Eternal Flame of Gehenna, he said he hates “punk” which I understood to mean the ideology of most punk. It’s still hard for me to believe as all his Finnish contemporaries (Werwolf, Aspa, Shitrag) all have a punk background.

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