Demoncy – Faustian Dawn (1993, reissued 2016)

Article by Lance Viggiano.

A minor boost- so as not to be outdone by diminishing financial returns – in fidelity reveals that the tonal direction which Demoncy would use to conjure the singularity known as Joined in Darkness had begun to break through the thin trebly aether early on. Faustian Dawn sees a young mage wielding uncharacteristic competence during its initiatory rites; though not without a share of exuberant amateurism. Drawing from the tomes of Von, Beherit and Profanatica – the track “As Tears of Blood Stain the Altar of Christ” makes an appearance here re-titled – Demoncy finds itself offering a unique vision which recalls primordial humans cloaked by tawdry rags locked away from evolution by a compulsory participation in invocatory rites amidst humid rather than the more characteristically frigid backgrounds.

Still being a band’s early demo, the execution of the material herein behaves much like movements of the misshapen swarthy savages inhabiting its imagery. While the presence of an uncredited cover song, distractedly numerous ambient interludes and jaunt transitions in between phrases are wholly forgivable; there is nothing here which was not improved upon by Joined in Darkness and subsequent full length albums. Suffice it to say, there is a reason Faustian Dawn remained out of print for as long as it has. Equally devoid of any agency, Nuclear War Now! Productions has sought out once more to assuage the completionists’ OCD by offering demo material sub-par to the studio albums at a premium to collectors. We here at DMU hope that the proceeds will go to another effort such as the Order From ChaosFrozen in Steel box set which issued unmarketable but quality material.

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12 thoughts on “Demoncy – Faustian Dawn (1993, reissued 2016)”

  1. Hail Pain says:

    “…at a premium to collectors”- For CDs at least I haven’t found a label that sells theirs as cheap new as NWN. With the frequent sales they’ve been having lately I was able to pick up a few for less than 5 dollars each (they retailed for between 6 and 8 from what I remember). Perhaps this differs for their LPs, but I rarely buy those from anywhere online thanks to the shipping costs.

    1. Marc Defranco says:

      I agree the CDs are priced very nicely and they always come with a great layout, and sound. I rarely buy LPs as well but they are definitely fairly priced at NWN. 17 for a regular album is great when compared to other record labels that would gladly charge 20 to 30.

  2. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    I’ve had this and I guess all their other early stuff on a 2CD release with a terrible corpse paint n robes picture. I couldn’t get into any of it, its Joined In Darkness for me, their last album was a decent remake of that. Some bands only have one great album in them, well shit I’d say 99% of good metal bands.

    1. Vance Refriggiano says:

      The first two songs off Enthroned in the Night are good. The rest of the album is unnecessary.

  3. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    I don’t know where to put this but the blog Old Disgruntled Bastard is doing an interesting Death Metal royale where he randomly pits together two classic death metal albums then judges a winner, I thought some here would find it interesting

    1. Matt Risnes says:

      Very interesting article and blog. Thanks kindly for the heads up.

    2. Chad says:

      They aren’t well considered. Massacra vs. Atheist? No.

      1. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

        It was random, fuckhead.

  4. Roger says:

    This sounds like absolute shit

  5. -_- says:

    Bitchin’ cover art though.

  6. Belisario says:

    I will see the band live in Berlin in a couple of weeks, no idea what it’s going to be like, but really looking forward to it!

  7. Bark says:

    Will there be a reissue of sylvan realms?

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