Contrarian Gay Trolling


Article by Gonzalo Gallina.

In 1996, Spanish rock band Mago de Oz released their most acclaimed latin-rock-underground albums, Jesus de Chamberi. Like most things coming from modern Latin countries, it has difficulty defining itself. Representative of the modern cultural confusion of Hispania, Mago de Oz presents the audience with a mixed bag of rock ala Dio, reggae, and eighties bar heavy rock, while borrowing some metal riffs and melodic leads here and there, and ocassionally overlaying folky tunes on a violin.

This is the closest Hispanics will ever get to an effective anti-Christian troll-roll, but instead of becoming an undying underground metal cult classic like Havohej, it is but the transient specter of a good-for-nothing hedonist’s tantrum. Mago de Oz also represents all the represed fears, frustration and confusion of Latin America, ironically being embraced by a whole generation eager to give the middle finger to the Church, imperialist America, and anything remotely resembling the thin veneer of “tradition” that barely to unites them under geographical divisions and nonexistent cultural identities.

Mago de Oz is quite literally “gay” and “trolling”, their whole music and lyrics are parodies of classics, traditions, and of course, the Bible, all the while the band members openly admit to banging each other and wearing openly gay attire on and off stage.

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12 thoughts on “Contrarian Gay Trolling”

  1. LostInTheANUS says:

    Aren’t they Spanish? What the hell do they have to do with Latin America then?

    1. gallinita pendeja says:

      Everything, you cretin

      1. LostInTheANUS says:

        So they still give a shit about their former colonies?

    2. *insert quirky Spanish inquisition reference here* says:

      By COLONizing the natives through sodomy.

  2. John says:

    Haha!! Oh boy!!

  3. John says:

    Gaddafi lives!

    1. Stupid Hen says:

      hispanics are soo gay. most are leftist and schizophrenic but I repeat myself.
      mago de oz is retarded. so when are we getting an Ungod review?

      1. Many of them have tapeworms in their brains.

    2. Moors, dirty Moors says:

      More like latin Amoorica, amirite?

  4. Now I know says:

    I always assumed numale was some spicy mexican food…

  5. Belisario says:

    “the band members openly admit to banging each other and wearing openly gay attire on and off stage”

    Where did you get that from?

    I’ve never been a fan of this band, but I do think they had a certain charm back when they were just silly and fun, before becoming silly and commercial, yet I hardly see how you can make an epitome of Spanish/Hispanic culture and/or metal out of them.

    As for their music, it is actually not a random mishmash nor anything original, but a metal/blues-flavoured version of Celtas Cortos, another popular Spanish rock band that predates them, which itself was a rock version of earlier folk bands like the Breton Gwendal, pretty popular in Spain since the 70s.

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