Transcendentalism And Transcending The Ego

Humans love big categories and broad statements that seem to reduce the complexity of life to a simple checklist or to-do list. Stick around awhile and you will come to distrust such things because they reflect human needs more than actual intellect, intuition, or reality.

As a result of this division, the best things remain nearly indefinable. For example, a sane approach to life might be seen as radical realism paired with a transcendental, hopeful outlook. To our categorical brains, this makes no sense, because it seems to borrow from opposite parts of the spectrum.

However, this makes sense when one considers that a sensible philosophy will address all aspects of its world, and therefore will not fit into a human category. Take metal, for example, which is simultaneously the music of violent revolt and of finding a beauty in the chaos of nature, a type of Platonic natural order.

The flat-handed round-mouthed block-headed mental toddlers who rule our society after the workers revolt and great proletarian victory can only grasp metal as one thing, like rebellion. They cannot deal with its rejection of the modern world because their fundamental outlook is rationalization, or finding a way to use their big brains to explain the decay all around them as good even though their gut and intuition says nyet.

For your average post-prole Westerner, heavy metal fits in with Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Jack Daniels whisky, and Marlboro cigarettes as a “brand” of rebellion, independence, and partying. These things join together because when they are done being subjugated anal catamites at their jobs, the prole workers rebel with a night of drinking.

Somehow the next morning, when their heads hurt more than their splendidly violated rectums, they feel as if they have “stuck it to The Man” since among proles, scapegoating is the only acceptable form of logic. They believe that their problems in life exist because someone else controls them.

That vision of external control explains their attitude toward metal. It could not be a group of people seeking clarity about their world, but must be a group reacting to The Man (or ZOG, the vast Right-wing conspiracy, and other scapegoats) for the sake of blowing off steam like the prole-workers.

When you get outside of that mental ghetto, which suspiciously resembles a shopper looking at different products on a shelf to choose which one looks best with her fingernail polish and lipstick colors, you can see how complex the world is, and how our blockhead simple categories do not function well.

Metal comes from the genre of thought which is both radical realist and transcendentalist as well. Transcendentalism simply means understanding the world and its inner goodness by looking at the Biggest Picture, or everything in total over all time. Eat a handful of psilocybe mushrooms and continue reading.

That requires us to look at the world more than ourselves. That involves a form of ego-death which is also essential to performing music:

But having played for over 30 years, many of them on stages in bars with other musicians, I can tell you that pretending that the instrument is the guitar and not you is the best way to fail on nearly every level. Sure, there are those with almost inhuman abilities who can do almost anything on a guitar no matter their ego, but they are few and Shrapnel records likely has most of them on at least one album. For most of us mere mortals there is a grind we must submit to, and most of the time practice is the least cumbersome part of that grind. The pumice stone that most annoys us is that of our own ego and subverting it.

I know so many guitar players who could be far beyond their current ken if only they could transcend their own egos. I know players who have their image down to a fine art. I know players who will only play certain styles. I could go on but for the most part, all of these players who limit themselves do so because they want to be noticed more than the music that they play. They want so much for people to see them coming, to know their names, to remember their names, and to laud them for that name. The truth is that this is the reverse of how it all works. Those who are remembered only wanted to be remembered in the peripheral; it is never the main goal of the musician, soldier, writer, fighter, etc, et al to be remembered (again, save those who seem to have something like supernatural abilities) but moreso to do their job to such a disciplined degree that being remembered is something that will happen in and of itself. So many of the greats only wanted to serve their purpose.

Those who transcend — “get over”: self-actualize, mature, ego-death, realism — themselves can see that the music is the object, not the musician.

Similarly, those who undergo that process can see that in life, the question is not the self, but the meaning found through bonding the self to the world, which requires understanding how the world is good and how to replicate that order in ourselves.

This was known to the West long before Zen, and in fact Zen and Buddhism are merely degenerated forms of the true ancient knowledge which was in use tens of thousands of years ago. It lives on somewhat in some interpretations of Zen, New Thought, Taoism, and Asatru.

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28 thoughts on “Transcendentalism And Transcending The Ego”

  1. Comparing Trump & the impeachment to the Animal House storyline is fucking gay.

    John Belushi: ethnic Albanian (Ottoman Empire’s beachhead into Europe) and loser drug addict; symbol of mainstream success for the Southern & Eastern European-descended whites that swamped American shores 1880’s-1920’s

    Animal House directors & writers: Jewish American Baby Boomers, obviously with the matching urge to rebel against WASP hegemony… as portrayed in the story.

    Animal House pretty much gave way to the 80’s movie combo of Jewish writers & directors, black / Italian / Jewish hero actors, and their victorious battles against wealthy blonde WASP villains / bullies.

    So, comparing Trump to Bluto — y’all seem to be a bit confused.

    1. The Proletariat says:

      Whatever furthers the agenda, comrade!

    2. Animal House presents a contra French Revolution narrative. Compare to Revenge of the Nerds. The nerds win in the end; in Animal House, however, there is no victory, only moving on into the same corrupt system they hated. It is a scream of futility at the universe.

  2. LostInTheANUS says:

    Transcending my dick and busted asshole while I make the sound of one hand clapping

    1. Only valid if the other hand is masturbating a Downs Syndrome transsexual mixed-race atheist bisexual Unitarian midget.

      1. LostInTheANUS says:

        Unfortunately xe is a Miaphysite and not an Unitarian

  3. The Internet Police says:

    Cease and desist your propagation on illegal substances at once! This is your last warning! Another infringement and your internet license will be revoked!

    P.S. that article is complete shite.

    1. Giant bong hits for Satan, Stalin, and Nietzsche.

  4. autist grinder says:

    nobody who wastes any segment of their adult life posting bullshit* on the internet should spew anything about zen.

    go live on a mountain without human interaction for a decade then come back and talk about ancient mysteries because anything less is larping and anyone who takes it seriously is a useful idiot at best.


    1. I’ve lived in a basement with no human interaction (and little light) for most of my life. It’s just me, the microwave, the tendies, and the internet.

      Come on now, get your narratives straight.

      1. I am the Sperging Class says:

        We all aspire to be full-time LARPers like Varg, Richie Ric-… erm Spencer and other would-be aristocrats on the internet, living off mommy and daddy money, but alas…

        1. autist grinder says:

          shit bro let me grab the fire extinguisher.

  5. M. Oronicinferno says:

    And how does the Tao te ching fit into this story?

    1. Yet another attempt to define the indefinable while claiming to do the opposite.

      1. M. Oronicinferno says:

        I finally got to read the article, only now I can see what you obfuscate. (Quote)

        There is no agreement as to when language began, but no evidence exists of speech before the cultural ‘explosion’ of the later Upper Paleolithic (Dibble 1984, 1989). It seems to have acted as an “inhibiting agent,” a way of bringing life under “greater control” (Mumford 1972), stemming the flood of images and sensations to which the pre-modern individual was open. In this sense it would have likely marked an early turning away from a life of openness and communion with nature, toward one more oriented to the overlordship and domestication that followed symbolic culture’s inauguration.

        1. autist grinder says:

          see also the tower of babel and associated pseudohistorical narratives for an interesting mythological perspective.

  6. James says:

    the longest, most heavily moderated metal publication in history.

    1. Where's my free speech! says:

      I want my free speech dammit!

    2. 8″ long, turgid, dripping a mysterious oily substance

  7. Merp says:

    Brett’s still bluepilled on the JQ. sad.

    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      He is probably mesmerized by how good Jews are at dancing.

  8. Sweat Brevens says:

    Tell me, how does one replicate the order of the universe in one’s behavior?

    Small point: civilisation itself is only about 14,000 years old. So not sure your ‘ancient wisdom’ was around “tens of thousands of years ago”.

  9. Skin in the Porn says:

    The book from Martin Buber is tell about, existence is what we connection with the world. “Thou”  means God, but in philosophical sense, we should know God means “absolutely completeness”, not just about religious. And the “absolutely completeness” means we exist as mortals, should go beyond constantly, just like the stone of Sisyphus.

    The problem with this era is that, all connection is just about ego, this is because of the collapse of two pillars of the modern western world: the faith from Jerusalem and the reason from ancient Greece. People no longer direct their beings by connecting to bigger things. That’s what “God is dead” means.

    And this is the foundation of the post-modern, anything can be Thou now. People still meaning found through bonding the self to the world, but for them the world or “Thou”, become computer games, social contact or other stupid low level narcissism.

    Zen, Buddhism or other things from ancient Western, all should be hold in awe and veneration.

    1. Sweat Brevens says:

      What a rambling, random collection of thoughts you have ejaculated there.

      In what sense are we moderns disconnected from “reason”, you fool? We have programmed computers according to the rules of logic, and we have sent man to the moon and back alive using our reason. We grasp the laws of physics enougH to do this, using reason and observation.

      Justify yourself, peasant.

      1. Skin in the Porn says:

        Dear Sweat Brevens,

        You think reason still dominates the thinking of contemporary human beings, it’s because of your backwardness.There are four stages(or level) of human cognition:

        1.Classical – Faith and loyalty
        2.Modern – Reason and truth
        3.Postmodern – No god, no truth, multivariant
        4.Contextualism based on postmodern – that’s what Brett mentioned in the comments section of another article

        Modern science know perfectly well about the fourth level, they don’t think relativity and quantum mechanics are absolutely irreplaceable truths, they try to looking for a broader theory of grand unification. But again, they don’t think Newtonian mechanics is wrong, juts it’s scope of application smaller than relativity.

        Of course, reason and faith still exists in our life, just like when you can’t hold your shit, you’d better find the shortest way, and pray that no one is using the toilet.

        But postmodern way of thinking, it has long been a feature of this era. Please read more books, observe and think.

        Your lovely peasant.

        1. death metal says:

          please read less books and make less lists

        2. only aum shinrikyo is real says:

          Rainer is that you?

        3. Perhaps:

          1. Classical: order, balance, harmony (Big Point: external, Platonic order)
          2. Modern: universalism/utilitarianism
          3. Postmodern: pluralism
          4. Contextualism: parallelism + ecosystemics

          A few thoughts, perhaps relevant. Tomorrow’s article on the evil other blog will have more. Cheers

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