Bardo Methodology Interviews Dead Congregation

Webzine Bardo Methodology interviewed Dead Congregation guitarist and frontman Anastasis Valtsanis. AV touched upon Dead Congregation‘s imitators (even though they worship Immolation and Incantation), record labels forcing bands to conform to release schedules, the decline of Greek black metal in the mid 90s, how most “lost gems” are mediocre, and why the accessibility the internet affords along with the decline of the music industry revenue genericizes metal bands into pedestrian products.

Spirituality and art are intrinsically linked. An artist who creates with the sole purpose of feeding his hunger for the craft elevates to unearthly planes during the process, oftentimes subconsciously. One might have a good ear or technical ability to put two notes together but if it’s not coming from the heart – the spirit, you can see right through it.

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2 thoughts on “Bardo Methodology Interviews Dead Congregation”

  1. Rainer Weikusat says:

    I have to second this (statement by the interviewed person): Condemnation (Antaeus) is something I really like (I’ve been listening to a lot since I got it). There’s nothing in there making one yearn for the lost secrets of Transhintervordertan and the solemn beauty of drifting snowflakes. And none of the self-deprecating irony of the Emperor/ Satyricon “fun procject”. Just a torrent of lurking aggression behind a still harmlessly looking facade and some darker things, all held together by the rapidly beating pulse of rhythms.

  2. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    This was a good interview, this guy is sort of full of shit but he produces concrete results of high quality. I’m just tired of the ego, Dead Congregation are not that original or great, but I enjoy their albums over a lot of other current shit.

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