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Occasional Death Metal Underground contributor and Dawning and Pale Existence mastermind Steve Cefala was interviewed by about his No God Only Pain project. Want to read Steve discussing his influences, the corporate metal of Bob Rock and Scott Burns, survivalism, Hillary Clinton, and how the world is moving into a new dark age of uncertainty following the collapse of neoliberalism? Let’s find out!

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13 thoughts on “Steve Cefala Interviewed by”

  1. ANUSaanite says:

    I wouldn’t blame Scott Burns for anything – just a man doing his job. Hallucinations, Legion, Considered Dead, Beneath the Remains… they all sound fine to me.

    1. nocturnal squirter of cums says:

      He doesn’t deserve ALL the blame. The main problem is that bands with no identity of their own came in asking to sound like Suffocation or whatever, and voila, he gave them the same production as Suffocation. ad nauseum.

      But he does deserve some blame. Cause of Death does not hold up at all with its dinky typewriter drums.

      When I was a kid that Morrisound stuff was my introduction to death metal and the first time I heard some demo and live stuff I was like “wait, why does this sound so much better?”

      1. Obituary sounds better live to this day.

  2. theheaviestbanjo says:

    steve are you reading this? i want to hear dark tranquility.

  3. Necronomeconomist says:

    He said, “…we are all slaves to the government taxes and regs.”

    LOLLLL you poor oppressed fucker… No freedom only complete enslavement HAHAHAA

  4. Claudia Roth says:

    Why did this moron get a writing gig at this site? Is DMU trying to prove their social side and goodness by giving employment to the developmentally disabled? Dude needs to get a real job and stop pretending his worthless opinions and pointless music matter.

    1. Cornrose says:

      Come on, dis nigga can’t write his name. U know dis!

  5. Vigilance says:

    Prolific progenitor of puerile pap.

    1. You are truly a bashing blamer of Belzebub

  6. Cornrose says:

    This fool is like Phil anselmo without funds. This is too funny!

  7. WacArnold's says:

    I must be the only one who actually enjoyed No God Only Pain

    1. Nope. It’s solid, but part of a metal cycle: when the underground goes bad, metal goes aboveground. Since hipster metal is mainstream underground, the process got confused for a decade or so. As soon as mainstream metal is good again, the genre will strengthen and the underground will rise in its next cycle.

  8. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Something else to disapprove of:

    Swedish. Motorhead-styled. Drumming is too crusty, ie “Hammer on”. The lead guitar player plays seriously cool stuff. I also like the bass breaks (something else I’m waiting for).

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