13 thoughts on “Interview with Spinoza Ray Prozak on Necropolis Podcast”

  1. Fan says:

    This was great! It reminded me why I found the Dark Legions Archive in the first place, the only website on the internet that actually cared about the meaning of the music. What a great talk!

    The Good: cool ideas on metal history, its intent and a glimpse into its future. Also some insightful takes on the overall meaning of the music. Really enjoyable.

    The Bad: no academic rigour when talking philosophy, i.e. talking Enlightenment without mentioning the Counter-Enlightenment, or Romanticism without the antagonism between French and German thought, or again someone comparing ancient republics to our democracy (Hugely different. We actually live in a representative aristocracy for masses of wage-slaves. The Romans had a mixed system. Only Ancient Athens had a small direct democracy for ~20k warrior-nobles served by ~400k helots that did all the work. C’mon man!). But I digress, it’s probably better to keep it simple for a radio show.

    The conclusion: bring back KCUF radio! With musician interviews, updates on any new good stuff and so on? This was a great listen that had a relatively clear and enjoyable conversation. And thank you all for being intelligent metal maniacs to the end!

    1. Val Dagúr says:

      Would be great to have a show like KCUF, with music curated by someone who has insightful things to say about it. Artist interviews would be awesome too – Necropolis had Paul Ledney on last month, and that was pretty sweet. I’d imagine there are plenty of metal-oriented shows that do that, but they’re probably made by Bandcamp spastics endlessly rambling about whatever circus music I, Voidhanger is currently peddling.

      1. Brutal but not unfair. Ledney would never come on our podcast because he knows I’d bug him to do “Dethrone the Son of God” live.

        “Pretty please, just… RIP THE SACRED FLESH…”

        1. Sodomeme says:

          He was OK with discussing his dickpics, on several occasions through the interviews.

  2. RDS says:

    This was probably my favorite prozak interview and I’ve heard many. Nice to see collaboration between DMU and the HF guys again

  3. Billy says:

    This was interesting. I subscribed to Necropolis on Spotify, but I can’t help but wonder what a DMU podcast or chat would be like.

    1. We were early podcast pioneers back in the 1990s: http://www.kcuf.com/

      Something like that, but with music from the past two decades (LOL).

  4. T Malm says:

    Cool. Looks like a great podcast!

  5. maelstrrom says:

    Interesting interview. What was most compelling was the discussion about the early days of the internet & the philosophy for writing reviews. The political discussion mostly fell short, I agree democracy is a failed experiment but I disagree with the implication that autocracy is always bad

    1. I have no problem with aristocracy. Political autocracy is doomed to the same fate as democracy in my view because it relies on the same power structure.

      1. maelstrrom says:

        I remember you saying that about aristocracy in the past, and I agree. But ideally you would have a good king/emperor over the aristocracy

  6. Outsider says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very insightful.

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