2018 Decibel Magazine Tour Has No Metal Bands

Decibel Magazine and Albert Mudrian have long been known as poseurs and shills.

Decibel claims to be a metal publication but usually sticks hard or alternative rock acts on the covers. Their upcoming tour has no metal bands playing at all. Albert Mudrian is a SJW poseur shill. This 2018 tour features zero metal bands: Enslaved play alternative rock now, Khemmis stoner rock, Wolves in the Throne Room screamo indie rock, and Myrkur is an Enya clone. Mundrian and pals should jump off a bridge to end this posing now.

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6 thoughts on “2018 Decibel Magazine Tour Has No Metal Bands”

  1. Egledhron says:

    Saying Myrkur is an Enya clone is giving her too much credit.

  2. rape of ears through the loudness says:

    Follow the money and you’ll realize Decibel was never about metal. The book was a marketing stunt playing on societal perceptions but, in today’s world, that is no longer necessary. What makes more money than metal? Loud noises. Decibel is relating current “LOUDER (than most)” music to fashion sense. Enslaved and Wolves Room for “intellectualism” and flannel. Khemmis as the millenial alternative to foster the “stoner” mentality and market vaping products. Myrkur to bridge the gap between traditionalism and transsexualism to open the door further for blue haired one MAN Ulver McBlackrock to the future androgynous masses (because Ildjarn is scary). Look at those sponsors and follow the money.

      1. after Sort Vokter all BM has been DOA (including Engram) says:

        You got it. Mix in a little flannel with the tried and true 9 to 5 indie rock ethos is all it took for Decibel to sell the world “metal” as they call it.

  3. T H U L E A N P I S S P S C E C T I V E says:

    That logo says “Wolves in the Throne Room”? Well I’ll be danged.

  4. Morbideathscream says:

    Last years’ decibel tour actually had bands that were great at one time, Kreator and Obituary. Kreator were disappointing, they were much better when I saw them years ago. Obituary still have power during their live shows despite constant subpar releases after The End Complete album. Of course, I’ve never had a high opinion of decibel magazine or any mainstream metal publication, but they have managed to put on tours in years past with not so terrible lineups. The lineup this year is gayer than an LBGT parade and I’m sure Enslaved won’t be playing any old shit.

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