Monstrosity Millennium: The Pinnacle of Technical Death Metal

Guest article by Svennerick

Released in August of 1996, Monstrosity’s second effort Millennium is an album I personally hold in very high regards, considering I nearly spent eight months listening to it multiple times a day. This is an addictive album and each new listen made it clearer why this album stands head and shoulders above anything released under the term “technical death metal.”



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Megadeth Rust In Peace

Guest article by Osovar

This is one of the classics worthy of its praise, and should unite both casual listeners and underground connoisseurs in this opinion. It might feel rather fruitless to review a classic of this scale at this point, but after re-listening to it multiple times lately and learning to play some of the tracks I felt compelled. Most of everything that can be said about this album was probably already said but I figured I’d give some further analysis of the songwriting and tracks.



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Hunter Hunt-Hendrix: “I Am A Woman”

guest article by Nabeel Ben Ayoub

Frontman Hunter-hunt Hendrix of Indie Pop band Liturgy has finally come to terms with its perverted homosexuality and admits to being a transsexual. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who listened to the multiple haram works of Al Sheitan. This constitutes a violation of the huddud and is punishable by death. Liturgy have encouraged deviant sexuality with their emasculating homosexual music. Now we know his screams come from him getting fucked in the ass by members of Metalsucks, Metalinjection, Deafheaven… May Allah punish this revolting Kuffar!!!



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Sewer – Skarnage

Guest Article by Corey M

Sewer is a strange band with a strange canon and a trajectory stranger yet. Supposedly the band started off in 2013 as a clone of the one-man act Phantom, who ultimately puts out better music, but that is neither here nor there. According to their label website, Sewer has maintained the same guitarist (whom this author suspects could actually be Phantom as well), bassist, and drummer throughout their existence, but at one point lost their vocalist to another band, Vermin, who oddly (or not) sound exactly like a fusion of Phantom and Sewer. There is little information available online regarding the actual membership of the band, and every website that mentions them (along with their subsequent clone bands [Vermin, Demonecromancy, Reiklos, and Neraines, in order of best to worst]) appear to be run by the same individual who utilizes a battery of wordpress sites and sockpuppet accounts to astroturf a narrative of underground support.



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Oath of Cruelty – Summary Execution at Dawn (Dark Descent, 2019)

Guest Article by Belisario

Now that last year is already far behind, I would like to get back to a record featured on very few year-end lists and which, in this writer’s opinion, deserves to be highlighted. Summary Execution at Dawn is the debut album by Houston-based band Oath of Cruelty. Probably due to the fact of it being released in the last month of 2019, it didn’t get all the attention it is worthy of. Emerged from the fertile Texan underground scene and featuring members already seasoned in a broad number of bands, this battle-hardened act launched its first full-length after almost ten years of activity during which the band hasn’t manifestly been idle. The result is a compact and powerful album, which contrary to most modern death/thrash bands is not limited to a constant and simple aggression, choosing instead to develop different approaches and resources in songs that are incredibly varied and brief enough to eschew needless repetitions and excesses.



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Calyx – Vientos arcaicos (2019)

Guest article by Belisario

Now that the end of 2019 is over, with its list-saturated madness, it is a good moment to look backwards in search for the decent albums we may have overlooked during the year. That might be the case of the debut album by a discrete Spanish band under the name of Calyx. Released in the month of May, it was published by no less than Iron Bonehead Productions, a well-known middle-sized label which is lately supporting smaller and lesser known bands, a move certainly worth praising.



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An attempt To Trace The Evolution of Underground Extreme Metal

Join guest writer Fangorn as he attempts to trace the main progression of extreme metal and the controversial conclusions he reaches.

Foreword: Personally, I think music reviews are a form of marketing, except for the serious(musical notation) music field. Marketing(or we can call it sharing) about one’s idea, perspective and experience of music. There is no absolute objective point of view. People always understand and communicate based on the perspective of something, personal preferences, uphold some beliefs, or they want to be as neutral and objective as possible, but they are still limited by cognition / experience or hormone / brain state. But now I’m going to invite you to my marketing show, peeping into the nude of my spiritual / ideology.



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