Ancient – Trolltaar Reissue

Ancient‘s last hurrah, the Trolltaar EP, has been reissued by Sleaszy Rider Records with three bonus live tracks from 1993 according to the band’s Facebook page. Trolltaar saw Ancient develop cyclical simple Enslaved style riffs into extended black metal epics inspired by the virtuosity of longer 1970s popular progressive rock songs from Yes, Pink Floyd, Camel, and Led Zeppelin. Ancient were one of the few death or black metal bands inspired by popular rock music where the mass-market inspirations did not render them impotent as a metal band at least at first. Ancient, lacking a truly distinct riffing style of their own, eventually ran out of ideas and decided to play Hot Topic rock after Svartalvheim and Trolltaar but that is a topic for another time.

The old Trolltaar mini album was just re- released by
Sleaszy Rider Records !! This 2017 edition includes 3 live tracks from Norway in 1993, and not only..
The vinyl will also soon be available
For more info, orders etc :

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5 thoughts on “Ancient – Trolltaar Reissue”

  1. Exfoliation says:

    Goddamn im sick of black metal.

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:

      Then go exfoliate.

  2. It's just brown and water says:

    Another time…

    After their quality early material, they became a crappy Cradle of Filth-style shitshow and never recovered. The end.

  3. Parasite says:

    Great news, thanks Dan.

  4. Attention Defecate Disorder says:

    What is “Hot Topic rock”?

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