Arghoslent’s Arsenal of Glory and Galloping Through the Battle Ruins reissued

galloping through the battle ruins

Article by Daniel Maarat

Arghoslent’s  Arsenal of Glory demo and their first album, Galloping Through the Battle Ruins have been repressed on CD and made available for lossless digital download on Bandcamp by French underground metal label Drakkar Productions. The original mastering is intact with no signs of excessive dynamic range compression. While lacking lacking the overt pop rock influence of the Gothenburg scene, Arghoslent’s catchy songs and riffs were heavily influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and classic speed metal bands Mercyful Fate and Running Wild. A new generation of headbangers may now easily purchase the prime material of this politically incorrect melodic death metal band in spite of the Kim Kelly, No Clean Singing, and MetalSucks social justice “metal” gestapo.

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7 thoughts on “Arghoslent’s Arsenal of Glory and Galloping Through the Battle Ruins reissued”

  1. vOddy says:

    Slaves were raped all of the time (and still are in shitty countries). But apparently it’s not allowed to describe unpleasant things musically. It’s better to pretend that they don’t exist.

    I’m hoping for some entertaining SJW reactions toward this re release.

  2. fenrir says:

    You should review this, their first full-length with a long article. I’d be interested in reading a long-time fan’s appreciation of it.

  3. Egledhron says:

    This band is the fucking tits.

  4. ChoirOfWolves says:


    SJW in action:

    “That said, there needs to be some sort of base level of resistance. Of course, I recommend that everyone pirate Arghoslent’s music and refrain from buying anything Arghoslent-related. Unlike listening to music, sending racists money is direct support. (Arguably, so is writing this article, in the sense that I’m offering Arghoslent a platform. In my defense, I’m covering the platform in reasons not to support them, natch.)

    Even that isn’t enough for me. I want this wonderful music to be liberated from its filthy shackles. And in the spirit of emancipating the riff, I ask this of the musicians reading this:


    Take these sick licks and put them in your own music. Or at least learn a thing or two from them so I can have other great bands to run to when I crave an Arghoslent riff.”

    1. Gabe Kagan says:

      That’s a bizarre take on the whole “love the music, not the musician” thing. Usually you don’t get such direct calls to piracy from someone in support of this cause.

      1. morbideathscream says:

        The way sjw’s see it, arghoslent are evil Nazi’s, so it’s ok to steal from them or illegally download their music. I myself, however, will be looking to purchase the reissue whenever I have extra cash on me.

    2. vOddy says:

      A human doesn’t need to be generally good in order to contribute to humanity.
      It’s ok to appreciate a human for what he is, even if he is an asshole who contributes greatly in one specialistic way.

      Or you can just pretend that the world is black and white.

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