Asphyx working on a new studio album

Martin van Drunen may be out of Hail of Bullets, but he still apparently has time to dedicate to Asphyx. After releasing a demo compilation on compact cassette earlier this year (Embrace the Death) and touring throughout South America (see the silly attached video), the band is now working on a new studio album. The band’s Facebook page claims the band will spend January 2016 working on the new album’s material, and furthermore that this will be their first album to feature Stefan ‘Tormentor’ Hueskens on percussion. No official release date has been set yet, and the band’s previous album (Deathhammer) didn’t go over well on the DMU forums back in its day, but that this upcoming album is planned is at least relevant to our interests.

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5 thoughts on “Asphyx working on a new studio album”

  1. muthafukcas! says:

    The Rack or nothing

    1. Anthony says:

      Hey man, Embrace the Death, Crush the Cenotaph, and Last One on Earth are all part of the same initial burst of brilliant inspiration. Same goes for Yggdrasill through Vikingborkborkliger Viveldi Enslaved.

  2. Hurtz MuhFeelins says:

    New stuff has dumb vocals and riffs. They kind of remind me of something from Dark Descent – imitation death metal. The warning signs were in the Pantera-fication on Last One On Earth. Have Phil Anselmo do vocals over Serenade in lead and it could be on Far Beyond Driven.

  3. Anthony says:

    No Eric Daniels? More like ARSEphyx!

  4. morbideathscream says:

    I just stick with the rack and last one on earth along with crush the cenotaph ep and their demos.

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