At the Gates About to Enter the Studio

Great, another poor man’s Slaughter of the Soul is coming out.

More metalcore. Oh no!

Now it’s only one week left until we enter the studio to record our follow-up record to At War With Reality. We are super-excited about this record and can’t wait for you guys to hear the new songs. More updates from the studio will follow shortly. Stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “At the Gates About to Enter the Studio”

  1. national geographic nipples says:

    I don’t want to hear any “Alf was ATG” revisionism. Alf, left to his own devices alone, makes ultra-autistic music that sounds like soundtracks to L. Ron Hubbard books. ok? he’s a fag. youth is over before you know it. in that small window almost anybody can make something like TRitSiO, but never again.

  2. Bill Hopkins says:

    Get the following instead:

    Treated for autism.

    If you are trolling then 10/10 for you. If you are not then the rational inference is that you are autistic because you keep mentioning the same thing.

    1. Varg's Lada says:

      Idk man, Atrocity being somehow essential metal counts as too obvious trolling in my book.

  3. Morbideathscream says:

    Never was a fan of At The Gates. Garden of Grief is ok I guess and I bought that as a part of their split with Grotesque. In The Embrace of Evil was obviously the far superior recording on that split and one of the best swedish death recordings.

  4. I Sacrificed My ANUS To Brett Stevens says:

    It could be worse, it could sound like the new Possessed sample:

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