Avulsed, Mercyless and Savage Annihilation European Tour Launches in April 2017


From April 7-16, 2017, Avulsed and Mercyless with be touring Europe with Savage Annihilation supported as the opener. They have already been confirmed at the Frankfurt Deathfest on the 8th of April 2017.

In addition, the bands will be issuing the following releases:

– Avulsed & Mercyless will release a split 7″EP for the tour,
– Avulsed will release their 25th anniversary double album during November 2016,
– Avulsed, after touring China in June, wil be touring South America in Sept. 2016,
– Mercyless will release their new album during October 2016,
– Mercyless will release their first ever music video in 30 years in November 2016,
– Mercyless are re-releasing their cult 1993 Century Media album “Coloured Funeral” on March 2017,
– Savage Annihilation are releasing their second full-length April 2017.

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