Blaspherian demonstrate new song in San Antonio

Blasphemous occult old school thunderous death metal band Blaspherian rose to the stage at Bonds 007 in San Antonio and revealed their newest hymn, “Awakened Into Impious Absolvement.”

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4 thoughts on “Blaspherian demonstrate new song in San Antonio”


    Which band is better and why between later Imprecation vs. Blaspherian ??

    1. Rotten Ralph says:

      Blaspherian because they aced it with their full-length. Imprecation’s full-length was good but not as solid.

  2. Improved over their last CD, which was hastily put together for it’s second half. You won’t hear that here because Death Metal .Org just loves all Texas bands like a Justin Beaber shaped Fleshlight.

  3. Nito says:

    The last album I heard from this band sounded like Infester for dummies. There might be better music happening outside of Texas though…

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